Thursday, November 07, 2013

Let it Snow . . . .

Taken yesterday afternoon as Amos and his uncle were finishing up the roofing.

It's snowing like mad out there this morning, and I'm not complaining---today, at least.   This morning's downpour of white stuff is providing the test for our new deck roof.

Amos has all but some assorted finishing touches to do.  He knew we had 100 percent chance of precipitation today.

So, he and his uncle applied all the tin roofing yesterday, and so far it's dry out there on the deck except for a little area on the north end. 

He'll come back tomorrow to finish it all off. 

We also have two tons of hay in the barn, delivered yesterday, and adding to the supply harvested from the field this past summer.

That means I won't have to haul hay from the far shed for a while.  That is a good thing because my left arm is still a bit tender from some sort of stress injury last spring.  It could be slow healing ligaments or tendons, but it IS getting better.

So, not having to lug big bales of hay for a while should give it the rest it needs. 

There's no better feeling than mornings like today when we know that the major stuff associated with the upcoming winter is pretty much complete.

Leaves are still falling, but the weather forecast says today's snow will be it for a while, and we have some dry days ahead.  So, maybe I can pick up the majority of them before the next snow drop. 

In other news, Bill, Debbie and I attended a geocaching event last night.  Talk about enthusiasm.  

Those folks are truly dedicated geocachers.  One group from Western Montana has done the ET Highway in Nevada---same one Annie did a few weeks ago, collecting 2,400 caches in three days.

They also like to be creative with their caches, and it sounds like we need to get over to the Noxon/Trout Creek area to check out some of the stuff they've put out. 

Twas a fun event with some really nice people. 

Speaking of really nice people, I learned yesterday that another of my favorite, most inspiring ladies had passed on.  

What a life Wilma Erickson led, all 100 years of it!  How lucky it was that her family and friends had the opportunity to celebrate her life and her 100 years a couple of months ago!

At 100, Wilma amazed all her admiring guests with her wit, her strength and her charm.  Truly a life well lived and a great example for all of us. 

She will be missed.

On that note, here's wishing everyone a great day.

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