Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Streaming on a Wednesday . . . .

Yup, this feels like a streaming day . . . nothing in particular . . . lots of little tidbits floating through my mind.  So, let's stream on down the river . . . . 

Ranked No. 2 on the New York Times Bestseller list . . . just a notch under my cookbook lady Ree Drummond whose  "Pioneer Woman" blog I check several times weekly. 

I first read of Allie Brosh's most recent good fortune on Sandpoint Online yesterday.

So, I checked it out, and this is what I found under "Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous."
  2. HYPERBOLE AND A HALF, by Allie Brosh 
Pretty darn cool if you ask me.  

Allie Brosh is a Sandpoint High School product, graduating in 2004.  

She used to make headlines in the local paper on a regular basis with her cross country running talents.  Idaho State Champ, in fact.  Now, her art and wit are making her a household word nationwide.  

I recently read a story about Allie in the most recent Sandpoint Magazine.  

Publisher Chris Bessler stood in line first to grab that assignment.  In his opening paragraph, Chris tells us that Allie's blogging drew 376,000-plus "likes" on Facebook, and, heck, that was back at deadline time.  Who knows how many she has now. 

And, with Twitter:  116,000 followers.  Deadline time was back in September, so you can imagine how many followers she has now. 

Anyway, hats off to Allie, who says she's a recluse in Bend, Ore.  I'm betting she's not spending too much time at home these days, being a New York Times bestseller and all that stuff. 

Congratulations, Allie.  "Blobbing," as they used to call it, has done you well!

Streaming on down the road, not the river now . . . I read that HWY 95 North will no longer pose the gauntlet challenge this morning.  The barrels will be gone, the stoplights at the Mall will be turning green red and yellow. 

Those folks shopping and working at the Mall may be using the highway again to get to town rather than sneaking behind Les Schwab or Sandpoint Furniture to go the back way to avoid the long waits for left turns onto 95. 

I don't know how we've all survived the construction zone through all these months cuz it sure was confusing.  As I said to Bill this morning, driving north, I'd just look at that maze of barrels and pray to God that I'd make it through to freedom up by Ponderay Garden Center. 

Last night, both Bill and I were very fortunate as I drove him back to town to pick up the new old motorhome which had been winterized.  Moving down Selle Road, I was puzzled why drivers kept flashing me.

"I don't have my brights on," I said to Bill.

Further on down HWY 95, as we entered the north end of construction, I also remarked about how hard it is during that transition from daylight to darkness to see the lines on the road.

"Oops, I don't have my lights on," I finally realized.  

No wonder those folks were flashing me.  We're still dealing with driving a car where the window wiper shift is on the opposite side from our previous car.  Apparently during a rainy moment, I shifted to the wipers----or at least I thought.  Turns out I really shifted the lights from "auto" to "off." 

With everything lit up on the dashboard, I realized last night that it will be prudent to check to see if we're on "auto" when I head down the road in the dark. 

Okay, I'm shifting again, mid stream.  There's a concert in Sandpoint tomorrow night at the Panida Theater, and I promised Debbie I'd mention it on today's posting. 

It's a POAC sponsored concert featuring pianist Jason Farnham.  He's originally from Ohio but now lives in California.  He has a classical background, having played the piano since he was 4 years old.

Jason, however, developed a style all his own.  He's a gymnast of sorts at the keyboard and is reported to be highly entertaining and a genius at connecting with his audiences. 

He does some fun stuff. Enjoy contemporary romantic piano, jazz, bossa nova, blues, stride piano, and classical with a modern twist! 

POAC members $12; adults $16; youth $10. You can purchase tickets at the POAC office at 302 North First, Winter Ridge Natural Foods, Eichardts Pub and Eve's Leaves.  Doors open at 7 p.m. 

Pass the word.  See you there----if I make it to town with my headlights on, that is!

Happy Wednesday, and a little Jason Farnham.

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