Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bye, Rake. Howdy, Snow Shovel. Chillo Pillow: Not!

Just before paper-gathering time this morning, I raked just a few more----well----several hundred leaves. 

Next trip outside, I'll scoop 'em into the cart, dump them, take the cart to the car, unload the sack of Country Critter, head to the barn and dump the grain in its bin and point the cart toward the wood pile.

My lawnmower has gone round and round and round this week---after Tony brought me a new belt, that is. 

Mulch. Mulch. Mulch.  Tidy, tidy, tidy---around trees and planters with the rake.

Then more leave drop. drop. drop. 

Then I mulch, mulch. mulch . . . tidy. tidy. tidy.

The cycle has seemed endless, but with help from the mower and my trusty rake,  I've been able to keep ahead of the many leaf layers around the yard.  More will fall, but most left on the trees will fall with snow over the next two days.

And, no, I'm OCD about leaf raking, but I do NOT rake the snow.

So, the faithful rake, two teeth short from this year's work season will go into hibernation for the winter.  And, the big mower will finally get a few months' rest.

Out come the snow shovels.  They're saying winter starts tomorrow and that it's coming in full throttle, so today I 'll load up on firewood for the house and make sure the snow shovels are strategically positioned for shoveling pathways to the tractor and the snow blower.

Bill will put the rear blade on the Kubota today, so it will be ready.  Tony checked the snowblower the other day and said it's ready.

And, I'll be flipping the switch in the barn which allows the heaters in the automatic waterers to keep the tanks from freezing up.

Big change ahead with the daily routine, which will include those trips to the far shed for cart loads of wood to keep us warm through the winter.  I hate the mess involved with burning wood, but I love the toasty feeling throughout the house with a fire going.

Speaking of being warm, I've been watching the Sunday night infomercial-related ads on CBS News.  You know, the one with the hose that coils up on its own and does not twist while you're headed to the next watering place.  And, the cord strip that turns sideways so the dresser or desk doesn't break off the plug-ins.

Well, the most enchanting of ads for me has been the Chillow Pillow, mainly because of the ITCH aka allergic reaction to Foster, especially in the late spring summer months.  I will throw in that I've been dealing with the ITCH occasionally even this fall, and I'm thinking it's cuz I don't spray the living room with Febreze Allergen anymore.

Aside:  For some reason, Lowes and everywhere else that carried that product no longer have it on the shelves.   Only place I can get it is Amazon, and they charge about twice the amount I was paying.

So, I itch more. 

BUT in the spring, when the allergic itch starts, it progresses from itching to an uncomfortable and irritating warmth around my neck.  So I sleep at night with a fan blowing directly in my face to keep cool. Once the allegy sorta dies down toward the end of pollen season, the night warmth goes away as does the rash and most of the itch.

So, when I first saw the Chillo Pillow advertised on CBS Sunday Night News, I said to Bill, "That sounds like something I could use when the allergy gets bad."

Every week I keep thinking that maybe I ought to give it a try.  This morning, when one of my blogging friends mentioned ordering something from one of those TV ads, I thought about the Chillo Pillow.

So, before the thought escaped my senior brain, I Googled it.  They have Chillo Pillows available at Amazon, just like that Febreze spray. 

They also have many, many reviews but hardly any opinions with more that 1.5 or 2 stars for the Chillo Pillow.  One said it stayed cold as long as the weather was cold but ran out of cold when the temperature rose.  Another said it leaked all over the place.

Here are a couple of additional reviews.              

Unfortunately, the pillow also gives off a horrible smell like toxic plastic and it is very strong and it never goes away. 


Not only does this product not work, no one from the company will return emails about returning it! 

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