Friday, November 15, 2013

A Stuffed Friend Kind of Day

Bill left the house around 5:30, bound for an SAF gathering in Cheney.  Grandpups had a sleepover last night cuz their parents were gonna get home late from a busy day on their jobs.

Of course, the pups' grandma arrived home about an hour past her bedtime---that would be 9:30 p.m.  That was after two trips to town to see classical/contemporary pianist Jason Farnham and his stuffed friends above. 

For the fifth and sixth grade concert, Jason had his friends on stage near his mini piano.  This pianist who grew up in Canton, Ohio, and who's a current resident of California was an instant hit with students and adults at last night's concert.

More than 500 fifth and sixth graders filled the Panida in the morning, and a good crowd came for last night's concert. 

Willie, Debbie and I had the opportunity to get to know Jason a little better over dinner at Ivano's.  By the way, Jason, like most performers, wasn't in to eating too much pasta BEFORE his performance, so his boxed-up meal went with him for later.

As for the rest of us, we thoroughly enjoyed the Italian delights.

Jason and Debbie will be out later this morning; he'll get inducted into the Lodgepole Society, and we'll exchange autographed books for autographed CD's.  I really enjoyed meeting Jason who, along with his talent, has an engaging and fun manner.

He's on his way to Lewiston for another concert tomorrow before heading back home where he's a house husband and dad to two sons.

As I look at Charlie Brown and the gang in the photo, I'm thinking today seems like a curl-up and cuddle your stuffed animal type of day.  Don't know if I'd go so far as to suck my thumb, but this pre-storm quiet is kinda nice.

Later, I'll head to town for "ZAP" time, which is about two weeks later than usual, this time AND I've got the white hair to prove it.  Sally has been trying to convince me to allow her to feather my hair. 

I've resisted but finally promised her last time that when stocking caps replace the baseball caps, I'll let her cut away.  So, I should have a new look today. Hope it's manageable.   If not, I'll just wear my stocking cap 24-7.

Not a lot else stirring up thoughts in my brain this morning, so I'll call it a day. 

Happy Friday.

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