Friday, November 01, 2013

Tricks, Treats and Teeth


We were slammed last night with trick or treaters.   All but one were related through the McNall-Wood contingent. 

Just when we were about to turn into slugs lounging on the couches and watching football, a pair of headlights turned into the driveway.

Oops, guess we're gonna have someone this year, I thought.  Bill is gonna be disappointed cuz he was eyeing that big container of M and M's, Twix singles and almond Snickers all for himself. 

Not this year.  I went outside to usher our guests through the construction gauntlet and on to the front door.

Larisa is 6 this year. I won't say how old her mother Leslie is, but I do know she's older than 6 cuz she has all her teeth.

Larisa did not pull her two front teeth just for costume night.  They came out naturally.  Even with those missing teeth, she looked pretty adorable as a princess.

After she gathered up her treats, we talked about school and first grade and Mrs. Whalen.  We also talked about parent-teacher night.  

Larisa sure does hope Mom and Dad have plans for her to go to somebody's house while they go talk to Mrs. Whalen about Larisa's performance so far.  She doesn't want to stay home alone.

Soon, Larisa grew impatient.  After all, we were first on the trick or treating list this year, and multiple sets of grandparents with more bowls of candy awaited her visit.

So, Larisa and Leslie left, and Bill and I figured we had seen the rush for Halloween 2013.

But wait!

Within 60 seconds,  another car pulled into the driveway.

A noisy crowd emerged from the vehicle and walked into the house.  Five of them.  Kinda nerdy looking, if you ask me. 

All but one, that is.  We had already received advanced information that Shawn was dressed as the grim reaper, so we recognized him right away.

Now, Bradley----he's the one in the pink bath robe.  Bradley kept up his annual image of dressing up like a beautiful woman---well, maybe a beautiful "at home" woman.  I noticed, however, that this beautiful woman has a deep voice.

But wait!  This "at home" woman in her pink bathrobe also wore sparkly high heels.  I'm wondering if this was a disguise for the real Cinderella.  I also wonder if Bradley turned into a pumpkin at midnight.

Guess I'll never know until next year.

I do regret this morning, however, that I neglected to tell four of the five on the couch that their grandma's quilt was in the background.  I'm betting they would have appreciated that.

Well, when they left, the big bowl had a lot fewer candy bars but still plenty enough for Bill to munch on for the next several days.

We waited half an hour, then I performed my regular routine, which I'd had to put off on this Halloween, with all the company.  

I walked to the bathroom and removed my bra.  AHHH!

Then, I came back to the living room and settled in for a night of football, feeling content that our record number of trick or treaters were surely content with their candy and that we probably would not have any more visitors.

Now, we have to wait until next year to see if Bradley turned into a pumpkin, if Larisa's teeth come back and if we'll surpass this year's record crowd.

For this year, a good time was had by all!

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