Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad Dogs and Bad 'Dogs

A new year has not led to some dogs I know to make resolutions about improving their behavior. 

In fact, I know one (whose name shall not be mentioned) dog that decided the new year was a good time to start being bad. 

We received a call a few days ago from a nearby neighbor------amazing reversal of events----wondering if we had seen their dog. 

Most calls from that residence are like yesterday's:  informing me that a Border Collie, possibly Brooke, is over at their house.

When I went to retrieve Brooke, this neighbor and I had a conversation about our bad dogs. She informed me that the "trust factor" was slowly coming back for their dog after he had run off from home a couple of times.

This conversation occurred as I watched another dog at the house behind this neighbor chase Brooke off toward the very woods from which she had come for a visit.   

That would be our woods.

I cheered and almost went over and hugged that "good" dog. 

On this trip to the neighbors, I did not have to use biscuits to lure evasive Brooke.  I also did not have to lament the wet paw marks on the car seats because she went home with her tail between her legs. 

When I pulled into the driveway, Brooke met me at the garage door.

Unlike her characteristic "catch-me-if-you-can" approach, Brooke begged to be let into the garage with four other "good" dogs who get locked up every time Brooke sneaks away. 

"What's wrong with this picture?" good dogs probably ask.

In fact, they probably wonder that thought every time they see me seething and hear me cussing after calling for Brooke a couple of times with no success and then ordering them to "report."  

Kea always puts her head down in total disgust, obviously grumbling under her breath as makes her way to the garage.  I know what she's saying, but I don't have time to discuss the matter.  

I have to go bring Brooke back home.

Brooke knows that garage door really well.  In one case, it symbolizes a reason to play keep-away during those moments when the two-legged friend is insisting that she report to the garage. 

Brooke has that "evade-your-captor" dance down so well that these days Debbie puts the leash on her before letting her out of the car each morning that the doggies come to Grandma's grandpuppy day care. 

Brooke has also found a fun new twist related to that door.  She has figured out how to open it from the INSIDE.  Brooke is one smart puppy, too smart for her own good.

When she came casually ambling out the door yesterday while I was plowing, figuring she was gonna let the whole herd out to freedom, I yelled at her in my somewhat "emphatic" teacher voice. 

For once, she'd been caught in the act.  Brooke cowered, immediately turned around and returned to the garage. I'm betting Kea got a chuckle out of that one. 

Well, that's enough of the "bad dog" news for today.  

I really don't even want to talk about the other "bad 'dogs" from yesterday.  This bunch,  when released from their kennel, didn't know what to do.

Freedom from the ZAGS Kennel was too much for our beloved BULL---dogs last night.  


They just kinda scattered all over the basketball court over there in Portland,  shooting aimlessly and looking shell-shocked by Portland's all-out blitz. 

Looked like those Pilots from Portland had sniffed out some tails and learned how to deal with them. 

It also looked like these 'dogs had spent way too much time in the kennel and that they needed to get out and see some different sights and learn how to deal with them.

In short, it was a sad game for the ZAGS and their fans.

Adding to the disaster was the fact that it was another one of those games on the season's schedule that don't start until my bedtime. 

That made it all the worse because,  as the outcome began to appear more bleak 90 minutes after my bedtime on a night when I'd already dozed off a couple of times waiting for the game to begin, I turned off the TV and COULD NOT SLEEP.

Counting dogs----bad and good---did me no good until about 2 a.m. 

Today's another day, though, and maybe all the bad 'dogs or dogs will find a way to make things right next time they escape their kennels. 

Happy Friday. 

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Anonymous said...

Rick was in Portland last night and thought about going to the game. The late game and nasty weather changed his mind - good thing too. He only made it halfway and the frustrated comments were confined to his hotel room.