Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Thursday This and That . . . .

Snow's coming down; soon it will be rain.  Then, we have a week of cold, dry weather. 

I'll take it.

On this day last year, while on our road trip to Arizona, we stopped by the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, and purchased tickets for the next week's ZAGS-BYU game, scheduled for the massive 22,000-seat facility. 

Our seats----four rows from the top. Nosebleed section, for sure.

ZAGS and Cougars looked like ants way down there, scurrying back and forth in that itsy bitsy square. 

In fact, it was often difficult to see which team was doing what, but we could definitely hear when the ZAGS did something right.

When the crowd roared with Boo's.  We clapped and cheered.  I think our cheers may have been drowned out. 

The game was hard fought, and the ZAGS came out on top.  

In spite of the loss, BYU fans treated us---proudly wearing our ZAGS apparel----almost like royalty . . . definitely among the most gracious losers I've ever met. 

Well, tonight we'll be watching the ZAGS-BYU game on our home TV.  We won't hear the crowd noise.  

We'll be making our own, hopefully a lot of jumps from the couch with "YES!!!" every time a ZAG hits a 3-pointer.

The game starts at 8 p.m. PST-----another of those hated late ones.  Darn!

If nothing else, a ZAGS victory will assure me a good night's sleep.  So, fingers crossed.

While I'm at it, I've been waiting for this opportunity to spout off for sometime, probably ever since last year when NCAA season-ending NO. 1 Gonzaga was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament by Wichita State. 


The pundits always liked to stick it to Gonzaga cuz all they ever play is "Lightweights," even when the ZAGS won their way to NO.1 in the nation.

Well, by gollee gee, I read in this morning's paper that only one undefeated team remains in NCAA standing-----Wichita State.  

The last game that "lightweight team" Wichita State lost was in last year's Final Four, after eliminating Gonzaga.

Wichita State has NOT lost a game since.   

I wonder if they'll get ranked NO. 1 after Syracuse's loss to Boston College last night, or if it's just beneath the voters and the pundits to accept another "lightweight" as NO. 1 in NCAA standings.  

Go Wichita State!  Go ZAGS! 

In other news, the Todd Report continues to be positive.  His wounds are healing, and his attitude is superb.

Here at the Lovestead Doggie Infirmary, I must say that Todd is absolutely the most perfect patient imaginable, which makes my nursing job a pleasure.  

Finally, I see by this morning's paper that a wonderful candidate has emerged to run for Idaho State Representative Eric Anderson's seat.  Eric has decided to retire.  He has served his constituents well. 

Knowing and admiring the family for most of my life, I have no doubt that Sandpoint attorney and former City Council member Steve Snedden will serve us well also.  

Good luck, Steve. You've got my vote.

Enough for this Thursday.  One more GO ZAGS! and Happy Thursday. 


Anonymous said...

Rick couldn't watch the game tonight. He gets too nervous when the game is close. My Christmas present to him was tickets to the WCC tournament in 2 weeks. Could be a long couple days if the games don't go well.

Marianne Love said...

I just keep remembering that we did not expect this year to go as well as it has with the loss of those key players last year.

They just didn't play well last night. Let's hope for better results over the next three.

Wasn't fun to stomach last night, and I totally identify with Rick on the emotional stress these bad games cause, but we all move on and still love 'em.