Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday This and That

A full day of playing on the Zero turn lawnmower awaits.  I think, with today’s warm weather, I’ll even be able to mow the entire lawn this time without leaving tall grass patches in wet areas.  We’ve had a drying pattern the past few days, and most of the stinky, standing water has dissipated from bug-infested areas.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours weeding in the little garden around the dog kennel.  When most of the crab grass and weeds were gone, my little peas looked pretty proud.  They seem to be off to a good start as are several lettuce plants and my purple and green cabbage.
The front deck is looking prettier and funkier all the time, and from the looks of Mr. Festus who was walking through one of the pansy patches, he approves.
I fixed some temporary steps to the north end with plans of eventually calling Amos to build real ones.  Last fall we both agreed that those steps could wait until spring.

And, now that spring is here, some of the Walkington crew has returned for a different project.  John, with the chainsaw, and Trevor with the hammer, in the photos above,  have almost completed a very attractive dog run at the Tibbs ranch for Brooke and Todd.

The pups will be living there with their parents, Willie and Debbie, within the next few weeks. And, this dog run is lovely, especially for Border Collies whose specialty involves keeping horses in line.  The south fence of their new run faces a big corral where several horses hang out.

I have a feeling the pups will know all the names by heart soon---Patchy, Coquie, Rusty, Dusty, Mani, Scout and April.

In other news, this morning’s paper included the line-up for this year’s Festival at Sandpoint.  I’m gonna date myself and reveal that I was familiar with two of the names:  Montgomery Gentry and Huey Lewis and the News.  I’m sure that the next generation has heard of all the rest.

Mother, Annie and I saw Montgomery Gentry perform at the San Antonio Rodeo a few years ago.  They do put on a good show.   

Next to the Festival, this is one of the big weeks in Sandpoint with the announcements for the August event, the release of the newest edition of Sandpoint Magazine AND Lost in the ‘50s.

I must say that I’m very familiar with one entry in tomorrow night’s parade.  I’ve heard it several times.  In fact, my next door neighbors always let me know when Ron is gonna fire up his restored 1942 Willys.  Haven’t seen it since they painted it, but I know with his sense of perfection, it will be a beautiful entry in the parade.
Speaking of old stuff, I’ve got a news update on an old news story in “Slight Detour.” 
The antique tractors are gonna have their day after all.  

I received a note yesterday from Bonner County Historical Society member Nancy Fontaine, informing me that the Panhandle Antique Tractor Club has rescheduled their “Plow Day” at the U of I Experiment Farm on North Boyer for Saturday, May 24, beginning at 9 a.m. 

They’re figuring it won’t be raining this time.  The event is free, but donations for the display building at the museum’s Kootenai property will be accepted.  I’ll post a reminder with more details next week.

Lots going on, for sure.  Beautiful day ahead.  Happy Thursday.

Special Note:  For all who told their war stories about their "Pocket Hoses" on yesterday's blog posting and on Facebook, I'll report from time to time on the three hoses, residing here at the Lovestead.

Day Two of Pocket Hose ownership:  Three hoses still in one piece; no blowouts!

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