Friday, July 11, 2014

Revvin' Up for Giddy Up

This week has flown by so fast that I've rarely had time to smell the roses or admire the flowers. 

That expression "not much grass grows under" someone has taken a turn this week.  Much grass HAS grown fast with the hot sunny days, but we've been so busy that we haven't had much time to do anything about it. 

Noticing some big changes taking over the area almost overnight, I grabbed the camera yesterday to catch an image of the beautiful pink blooms popping out all over in my vegetable garden.  

It was nice to see that one of the neighbor honey bees was enjoying an exploration mission among petals which could disappear with a burst of breeze. 

My friend Susie left just before noon yesterday, and it wasn't long after that when my body told me to just give up and grab a quick nap.  

Seems our respective plates have been full this past several days and not just with a lot of good food.  

Like the good food, however, the days since July 3 have been deliciously memorable and fun those of us between Colburn and Selle and those who've spent time in those two places. 

Alicia, Andrew and Emma headed back to Seattle yesterday, while Susie drove to Missoula to see her dad on her way home to Colorado. 

Next on the schedule: a couple of days filled with horse activities.  

My sister Laurie leaves today for Spokane where she'll be competing at a weekend dressage show so large this year that some classes had to be cancelled and tests in different arenas will be running from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Meanwhile, Barbara will be showing a couple of horses at the annual Spots of Fun Show, where I'll be occupying that BEEstly announcer's stand for two days, trying to stay cool. 

We're all kinda dreading the weekend because Mother Nature chose these days for the highest temperatures so far this year.  I've heard 100 degrees mentioned a couple of times for Sunday.  

So, lots of water and ice and maybe a wet wash cloth or two will be in order, as will reminders for exhibitors to take good care of their horses. 

In other news, I hurried yesterday to mow all that fast-growing grass, knowing that if I left it over the weekend, I'd have hayfields to cut.  

While I was mowing the front lawn last evening, Bill showed up with the game camera, wanting me to see something.

The two deer . . . okay . . . the neighbor's dog . . . okay, the fat black bear . . . not so okay! 

A couple of weeks ago our neighbors called to let us know that a bear had gotten into their dumpster and made a big mess.  A lock soon went on their dumpster. 

Just before he left for Red Ives, Bill had taken a walk in our woods and had noticed something had taken a few swipes at one of the ant hills.  We thought about the bear being a possible culprit.

Well, there was no doubt that said bear is hanging around as the game-camera photo indicated that he or she was hanging around our woods at just after 5 p.m. Monday, July 7.  

And that was in the clump of woods between our house and the Kauble's.

The picture may have also answered a mystery for me while mowing the lawn the other day and discovering that the trail mix which I'd put out on the card table for our Fourth of July barbecue was in a pile next to the deck. 

I thought someone had just dumped it there during clean-up, but now I'm guessing it was still on the card table after our party ended and that Mr. or Mrs. Bear had come to visit after the fireworks ended.

After all, bears do have a reputation for not cleaning up after themselves. 

My biggest concern about the bear is hanging around so closely involves little Foster who THINKS he's a great big dog---one that can take on anything, regardless of size. 

So, we're planning to keep much closer track of him day and night to ensure that he doesn't get gobbled up. 

Guess that's all for this Friday.   Enjoy the day.  Stay cool. 

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