Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Heat Goes On . . . .

Another morning on the go.  We received a call last night informing us that the water would be off from 10-3 p.m. today and "boil your water." 

This time we've had time to prepare, so water tanks are full, as are dog pans, and the major morning watering of gardens is completed.  Yes, I've jumped back to mornings now that the certainty of something wet coming from the hose is a bit iffy.

I also have filled jugs inside the house, so we should survive the planned outage.  And, since the water is supposed to come back on at 3 p.m., that should be a great time to give Lefty another medicated bath. 

Actually, yesterday did not seem so hot.  Maybe our bodies are getting the message to "chill out"; this is gonna last. 

In other news, I went around with my cell phone this morning and snapped a few shots, including the giant of the tiny pumpkins that have popped out on the giant manure pile covering this past week. 

It could be fun to take daily photos cuz that pumpkin is twice the size it was yesterday.  I keep thinking about the fair being just three weeks away and figuring that those pumpkins had better get a move on with their growth.

Of course, nothing I raise will even come close to what those Hickey's put out over in their pumpkin patch. 

Still, it will be fun to post a daily progress picture and see just how big this little guy gets by fair time. 

The corn is looking better every day, and I've collected 19 baggies of beans so far.  Looks like that number may double before the plants finish producing. 

And, as usual, the oregano is blooming all over the place, literally.  It's in the north lawn and it's growing all over the back yard and near the barn.  

I love getting putting out new starts because that means we're guaranteed pretty pastel blossoms for the next several weeks. Oregano grows in spite of any condition.

I also discovered that Virginia Creeper is just as hardy.

My friend Gail gave me a start from her Virginia Creeper a couple of weeks ago.  I stuck it in the ground near the barn, watered it a couple of times and then forgot it was there.

Sunday I looked down where it had been planted and NOT watered for two weeks.  Lo and behold, leaves starting to form, and this morning they've doubled in size and number.  I still haven't watered the darn thing.

So, I'm thinking one side of my barn ought to look kinda neat when that plant really gets to creeping. 

Today's paper has the "Bests" in Bonner County.  That's the contest where the paper announces the contest and people do NOT stuff the ballot box.  Ha!

Well, anyway, while looking through this year's winners, I saw the "Best" of Sandpoint's doctors.  Three were listed.  I read off the names to Bill.  Neither of us had ever heard of any of them.

I guess that goes to show that we are either very healthy or are very unaware that the town has undergone a major turnover in "who's who" among the shakers and doers. 

It also may indicate that we're getting old and so are all the professionals we've dealt with for years.  

That brings to mind another project facing those of us who graduated from Sandpoint High School in 1965.  All the sudden, folks have been mentioning the 50th Year Reunion. Twice in this past week others have told me about attending their 50th, and still others have asked about when we were gonna get started.

So, I started a Facebook page the other day and have managed to find 50-plus classmates who are on Facebook to put on the list.

I've observed other Facebook-era reunion planning pages with great interest, and it seems like the participants have a lot of fun posting photos and just visiting on their group page.

It's already been fun hearing from friends for the first time in nine years, and it will be interesting to see how the Facebook influence can either simplify or complicate our reunion planning.  I'm hoping for the former because it seems that more classmates can get involved in the planning.

Aside:  to those of you who read the blog and may not be on Facebook, either bite the bullet and join Facebook or see if a family member will convey information to you from the group page.  Thanks.

Anyway, the heat goes on and so does life.  Only two more hours of water before the outage, so it's time to get out and water the remaining flowers and veggies.

Happy Thursday. 

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