Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday TwitterweLOVEthedripdripdrip! Happiness!

We're no longer just campers.  We're HAPPY CAMPERS!  The water is running from its currents. The electricity is flowing through its currents.

Nothing could make us more thrilled on this Tuesday morning.  Of course, we are exercising great caution in our joy.  It could happen again.  This summer has proved that.

In the past week, our water has been off three times and electricity once. 

On these mornings when both are working like normal, we appreciate both more than ever, and we especially appreciate all who have put in long hours to make this happen. 

The camping routine---in our case, relying on the motor home for bathing and some cooking---was fun for a while.

On farms, however, the fun ceases when the water supply for larger animals diminishes seemingly much more quickly than usual.

In our case, yesterday's heat coupled with no water movement created an ugly green film over the horse's water supply.  They survived, but one more day without running water and we would be resorting to more dramatic measures to satisfy their thirst.  

Now, they're happily back in their fields where they can eat their grass and drink to their hearts' content from the automatic waterers. 

I thought I even saw the corn stalks smile and wink at me this morning while giving them a big long drink for the first time in two days. 

And, of course, Miss Kiwi missed out on her hose fun yesterday, so she was in her usual form the second she saw water flowing from that hose.

With all the water outages, Bill had filled the tank in the new old motor home and was using it as his home away from home.  Last night after a day with just a spot bath and feeling miserable from itchy sweat, I asked him for the basics on getting the water going so I could take a shower.

When the water was on and I was standing inside the shower of the motor home, parked in the driveway, I thought I heard a vehicle pulling in.  

Guess I'll just stand inside this shower and not come out until I hear it leave, I thought, and if I'm gonna stand here hiding from whoever's coming into the driveway, I might as well just keep on bathing myself. 

Well, it turns out that the water system was causing that noise that sounded like a car.  I was relieved AND I was feeling much better, having refreshed and cleansed my sticky, dirty body. 

I just called Laurie.  Their phone worked.  She answered. 

"You must have electricity," I said.

"4:40 this morning," she enthusiastically replied. They had water because they're on another system, and it was still functioning. 

Anyway, at both homes and at hundreds more, people are happier than usual this morning. Many more are still waiting, so we all hope they'll see a return to normal soon. 

As I said to Laurie, we've got a lot of work to do today to make up for what we could not do yesterday, but it's all good.

And,once again, we are very thankful to those who made this happy morning possible.

So, here's my final message for this Tuesday now that we have drip, drip, drip! Enjoy! 

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