Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has zipped by, and, as usual, this season always offers a chance to reflect on the blessings we have been fortunate to experience.  Our family has enjoyed a fun and fulfilling year, to say the least.

We’ve taken some fun trips, enjoyed many feast-filled gatherings and cheered on our ZAGS along with other favorite sports teams.  We’ve cheered on each other and have happily celebrated family successes and good times.

We’ve also collectively snapped thousands of photos of meaningful aspects of our lives---including people, scenes, gatherings and special happenings.  We’ve flown, walked, run, ridden and even danced to delightful destinations, which, in many cases, were once far-off dreams or even situations we never dreamed would happen to us.

Our lives have changed in numerous ways, with some moving to different homes and others sprucing up their homes and yards.  We’ve embraced new and special people in our lives, taken on exciting and different challenges---all adding wonderful memories to the usual routines that we all love so much.

We’ve hosted visitors, fished good streams, found notable geocaches, plodded down trails and have generally enjoyed all that life has to offer here in beautiful North Idaho.  As with any year, we’ve naturally dealt with our own adversities, including sad good byes to friends and pets, personal frustrations and occasional disappointments.

No doubt, all of the above and more will continue as the calendar turns over with new days, months, years and chapters in our lives.  With that ongoing march of time comes the age-old feeling of deep gratitude for all of our treasured blessings of family, friends, special moments and the beauty we so often experience in the world around us.

Best wishes and thanks to each of you who have enriched our lives.  May you ha
ve a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, and may you experience many, many blessings in 2015.

Sending you much love from the Love family. 

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Marilyn said...

Merry Christmas. Thank you for another years worth of Sandpoint tales, and beautiful photos.