Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas, Critters of the World

I just saw this on Facebook and could not resist.  Often the animals of the world say it all so much better than we can.

After spending another joyous morning with our pups in the barn, I want to wish all the animals of the world a blessed Christmas and many good meals and tasty treats in the year to come.

I cannot imagine a life without animals, especially the part about the unconditional love.  

Yes, they like to be fed on time, sometimes crowding out their friends to get the first bite, and often many of them would like to curl up inside, out of the elements, just like we do.

Unlike their human counterparts, they do not judge, and they usually provide us much more joy than heartache. 

For the most part, they like to spend time with us. 

They're geniuses at cheering us up when we're sad.  

And, sometimes they're just SO beautiful to the eye and the heart. 

They are genuine to the core as they offer us companionship, friendship, entertainment, laughter, smiles and, yes, oodles of that unconditional love. 

Our personal menagerie of horses, dogs, cat and birds here at the Lovestead do require daily work and tender loving care, and, yes, they do cost money, but what they give in return is priceless. 

So, in this giving season, let this little feline cutie say it all:  Have a happy Tuesday, and Merry Christmas to all the lovely critters of the world.  

As we approach the upcoming holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, I'll leave you with another of my favorite Christmas carols.  Enjoy. 

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