Monday, December 22, 2014

Short on Light, Long on Fun

A glorious winter sky from the Lovestead hayfield during my morning walk yesterday. 

That bright sunlight after a couple of dreary wet days lifted spirits all over the area yesterday. 

Foster was enjoying his sniffing journey through the woods on our morning walk.  He looked so radiant in that brilliant sunshine

International wildlife photographer Jerry Ferrara, who has a studio next to the Panida in downtown Sandpoint, had waited for a couple of hours yesterday for some eagles to land in the trees overlooking scenic bay.  

He was headed home soon after we visited with him, but he does have some exceptional shots of bald eagles from other days on his website.  Check 'em out.  

This spot was a popular gathering place for the droves of people out looking for eagles on a spectacularly beautiful first day of winter. 

Becky brought her binocs. 

Bonnie aka Bonnie Shields, the Tennessee Mule Artist, was just plain enjoying the beauty around her when I caught this shot. 

Longtime friends who met each other because of their Selkirk Road connection back in 1980:  Becky Reynolds and Bonnie Shields.  

Scenic Bay near Bayview

Proprietor Ralph had a little help from his brother yesterday, but for the most part, Ralph serves as waiter and chief cook at his coffee house in Bayview.

 He also has lots of stories to tell or historical memorabilia to show about the bounties of Lake Pend Oreille.  Ralph came from California in the '70s and landed in Bayview because of a house for sale.

We enjoyed visiting with him while eating our  sumptuous and tasty lunches. The coffee's good at Ralph's too. 

As a bathroom aficionado, I found this one quite charming and multifunctional.  Customers can do their business in two ways, on the throne, and while on the throne, pick out a shirt with a logo reminding them that they visited Ralph's in Bayview.  And, once the selection is made, there's history to enjoy in photos on the walls. 

My friends, Bonnie and Becky found some fascinating items during our lunch at Ralph's Coffee House.  On the back of this sign is a news clipping from 1949. 

How 'bout decorating the tree with eagles!  This photo at Ralph's has become pretty popular, especially so to us because we saw fewer than five eagles during our walk in Farragut.

Ralph says to tell folks that the eagle population on Lake Pend Oreille usually begins in October, so there's plenty of time to see the big birds going after those kokanee in the lake. 

After our lunch and nice visit at Ralph's we walked to the car to see these adorable best friends of a family who has moved to the area from Chicago.  We happily schmoozed with the Bulldogs and then said good bye.

As we turned around to go to the car, a gentleman in a car to our right said, "Okay, now you can come and see my greyhounds."

So we did----five of them.  For some reason their sixth stayed home yesterday.   The beautiful blond boy below was a real charmer.  Their owners, from Spokane, have been adopting greyhounds for 22 years. 

Since time with Bonnie and Becky kinda stoke up my lifelong love for cowboy culture, I'll leave you today with a Michael Martin Murphey Christmas tale.  Enjoy. 

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