Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rebounding into the Light

Today may be the shortest day of the year, but I'm thinking it's still gonna be another long one---activity-wise.

Coming wide awake at 4 a.m. will do that, ya know.  Even at that early hour, I was happy to bounce out of bed and take on another busy day. 

Yesterday's activities extended from around 4:30 a.m. to almost 11 p.m., which is definitely past my bedtime, but sometimes those long days during the short day season mean better quality sleep.  

That was happily the case for last night.  After a morning of getting everything in order around the house, I drove to Spokane---with lovely Christmas music cranked up high---did some shopping and then went to the airport to meet Annie.  

From there, she took over the driving, and we made a trip home to do some quick present wrapping and the chores, then headed back to town to watch the girls' basketball games.

The Lady Bulldogs, coming off from a short night of their own after a triple overtime victory in Bonners Ferry, looked a little exhausted when they started their game against West Valley. In fact, the score span at first was pretty dismal, but those girls clawed their way back and avoided a repeat of the night before with a win with the first final buzzer. 

That leaves them with a 7-4 record and a chance to take a break after a grueling early-season schedule.  Congratulations, Lady Bulldogs.

From Les Rogers Gym at the high school, we moved over to the middle school and watched a portion of the JV B game where Swiss Miss was playing.  Now, those young ladies have fought an uphill battle this season with only one player with any previous basketball experience ever.

But, by golly, they're progressing, and, better yet, they're scoring points.  It's fun to watch a team improve so much.  Laura was thrilled with the game's outcome.  They didn't win, but she said it was their best ever. 

Annie and I left early to get back to Colburn to watch the ZAGS at the Battle in Seattle. They won, but let's just say it wasn't vintage pretty ZAGS play.  Willie showed up toward the end of the game and said some games are just like that. 

It's definitely time for a break for all athletic teams, I'm sure.  

Anyway, we finally arrived home well after 10 p.m., but it was a fun Saturday.  Today I'm departing from the Christmas crunch (mine is almost completed) and taking off with a couple of fun friends on a scenic outing.  More about that tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to this break from the holiday grind, especially because we three have some catching up to do. 

Willie, Debbie and Laura leave for Boise today, and I'm thinking we may have some family coming in tonight. 

When this shortest day of the year ends, we can celebrate because we'll be climbing back into the light. 

So, all is good.  Soon, our abbreviated daylight on this Sunday will begin, so I'll do my best to take advantage of spending as much time outside as possible. 

I've enjoyed ending the postings the past few days with seasonal favorites, so here's one of my favorite all-time vocalists performing a favorite piece along with famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.  Hope you like it.  

Happy Sunday. 

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