Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Red and White Night and a Montana Day

Sandpoint High’s pep band was putting out some great sounds last night when Coeur d’Alene’s Vikings came to town to play the Lady Bulldogs.

The Dance Team presented a great show at halftime.  And, the flag hanging from the ceiling at Les Rogers Gym looked beautiful, as it always does.

Before the Sandpoint-Coeur d’Alene varsity game began, some proud families stood in the gym, honoring their senior players and the International players who competed on JV teams.

So, of course, two sets of Loves show up in enthusiastic support for our Swiss Miss aka Laura who ended her first-ever basketball season last week.

As we sat in the crowd, Laura said she already misses playing in the games and going to practice.  I think the experience for her turned out to be very positive, especially with all the new friends she made.

When the Dance team left the floor, Debbie asked me if their performance was bringing back memories, to which I quickly responded, “Yes.”

She must have been reading my mind because I was thinking about all those drills over the nine years I spent as Ponderettes adviser and how the exit from the floor brought forth a variety of emotions.

Often, those emotions ran to the extreme.  As the performers filed into the locker room, it was my job either to concur that they had, indeed, “nailed it,” or to disagree that “really it wasn’t THAT bad.”

All dream team alums who performed in “The Hustle” back in the mid-‘70s would surely concur that Mrs. Love put on the biggest lying fest ever after they wept their way from the gym floor into the locker room.

Let’s just say that their baseball-bat props or even a sledge hammer could not have “nailed it” that night when the music COULD NOT BE HEARD!

We definitely went through a rebuilding phase after that disaster AND I’m very proud to say that the Ponderettes bounced back, never looked back and SMILED a lot through the rest of that year.

Last night’s Dance Team probably left the floor quite pleased because they put on a great show.

Today will be another special day for Swiss Miss.

She’ll be visiting Montana for the first time, and if the fog will lift, she’ll see some spectacular scenery. 

If it doesn’t, we still can’t go too wrong with stops at The Bread Basket Bakery, a Montana lunch eatery and in Clark Fork where she can watch the elk dine with the turkeys.

Speaking of Montana, yesterday on Facebook, my dear friend Myra posted a wonderful video from Western Montana, complete with old barn photos and an original song about the beloved structures.

Hope you enjoy! Expand to enjoy the full effect. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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Myra Lewis said...

Always your thoughts for the day, especially when I am the Love..