Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Let me start off this morning expressing some deeply felt Sandpoint pride.   The lady above has been a part of my life, as a close friend and former student,  since she was maybe 10 years old.

I gained my first real appreciation for Jeralyn Lewis Mire back in the mid-1970s when she rode her Pinto horse 20-plus miles on a very hot July day as a participant in the Bicentennial Pony Express Scrolls project.  

I even knew her when she was "First Toddler" of Jerry and Pat Lewis' at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Back then, Jeralyn, would occasionally walk up and down the church aisle during Mass. 

Even at that age, her big, bright, beautiful, brown eyes exhibited that wonderful mirror of a very special soul, just as they did last night when she participated in an educationally oriented forum on an Idaho Public Television special called "The Journey to College." 

Jeralyn has worked for a number of years as a counselor at Sandpoint High School, so her role in the forum was to answer questions about all things pertinent in the search for higher education. 

And, what a job she did!  Her warmth, her humor and her knowledge all shone brightly throughout the first hour of the program.

Sandpoint High School was one of five schools featured in the 90-minute program, and so several SHS students participated, including my sister's yearbook editor who aspires to be a veterinarian.  

Another student, whom Bill and I know, led off the program.  Brady Lux lived on Woodland Drive in our old neighborhood.  Bill and I also have known his parents, Dave and Nancy, both Forest Service employees, for years. 

Having watched Brady grow up, it was so impressive to see what a multi-talented, articulate young man he has become. 

In fact, throughout the program, I was so impressed with all the students, be they from Sandpoint or Kellogg or the other schools represented.

This was an excellent program, filled with wonderful perspectives from professionals and students alike. Later, I learned that one of Annie's roommates, Jenessa, a broadcast professional in Boise, participated in the production. 

A great package, to say the least, and a special personal pride, seeing Jeralyn.  Have I ever mentioned that she's one of my favorites?  Good job, Jeralyn.  Good job, students and professionals and good job, Idaho Public TV.

That aside, yesterday's morning fog turned into noon fog, afternoon fog and evening fog. In fact, it's still hanging around this morning.

I read somewhere that when the weather is lousy, get out there and embrace it.  Good advice, I've learned, and I've been following that advice more and more over the last year or so.  

When you do embrace the rotten weather, at least you're not sitting inside whining and miserable.  At least, if you're miserable outside, you're doing something, and it's probably more healthy than sitting on the couch. 

So, when the fog would not go away yesterday, I grabbed my camera and decided to see what was out there, showing up or showing off in low visibility. 

Turned out to be a fun adventure, which took me down Selle Road for my favorite pair of trees, then on to the former U of I experiment station where I saw John Olsen for the first time in a while.  He and his wife were cross country skiing. 

Another lady and her dog were just enjoying themselves, and some of the trees begged for photo attention. 

Then, I headed to the south end of Boyer and Memorial Field, where the walk way above the river showed just how low that water is for the winter months. Lakeview Cemetery at the end of South Division offered some artistic settings conjuring up thoughts of folks who made area history, especially those two stones with the name "Selle." 

Then, it was off to the south end of the bridge, where the fog did not disappoint.  

As cars and trucks rumbled overhead, across "that bridge," which, yesterday, most likely did NOT lure any new residents  I captured several images of the surreal scene below.

Finally, I drove a short way down Woodside Road, back in Selle, and snapped photos of trees where other foggy views on past drive-by's have made me wish I had a camera. 

Well, yesterday I did, and the scenes turned out lovely. Plus, Brian Wood rolled up alongside me, and we enjoyed a nice visit. 

So, I embraced the fog yesterday.  Don't know what I'll do if it stays around all day today, but plenty of "to do's" will make the day go by quickly. 

Happy Tuesday.  Enjoy the photos below.    

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