Monday, January 26, 2015

Stunning Sunday Drive

It was like a Sunday drive of years past--let's say the '50s and '60s of the last century---only minus a few people, minus the uncomfortable hump in the back seat between two brothers and missing the occasional bacon thin doled out from our mother from the front seat. 

We headed east, we went to Montana and we saw deer.  On this trip, Bill and I also spotted some white swans sunning themselves while floating along in cold water AND we watched elk and turkeys enjoying their Sunday dinner together in a field at Clark Fork. 

From start to finish, we marveled at stunning scenes, accented with everchanging layers and hues of color on an already gorgeous landscape. 

Mother Nature seemed, indeed, both happy and busy yesterday as she provided one of the best natural shows I can ever remember on a Sunday drive. 

Fog helped out in yesterday's photo special as it simply floated in mid air or enveloped whole stretches of land, allowing ghostlike trees or clearly visible mountaintops to take center stage 

Had we started earlier than 2 p.m., I could have filled a memory card with snapshots of sheer beauty.  Those above will have to suffice.  What a wonderful gift for a late January Sunday!

And, I didn't even miss the bacon thins!


Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! Thanks. Helen

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