Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wetter, Then Better

I've never cooked elk before.  So, yesterday's version was trial by error, and, by gollee, the only errors were those drips that flew out of the pan onto the stove.

Since the steaks were specifically for Swiss Miss and anyone else who wanted to try them, they ended up to be my made-up version of "Swiss" steaks.

Bill sampled a few bites in the afternoon before the ZAGS gang arrived, and he said it was very good.

Turned out that almost everyone, minus a Maryann, a Marianne and a Laurie, sampled the elk steaks and approved.  I did cut off one bite, and it was good, but that Woods burger seemed much more appealing.

Anyway, elk steaks turned out to be a success, and Swiss Miss was happy with her Christmas present from Kevin. 

I'm starting my post before the hitting the slop outside this morning.  

We've got rain, but I'm betting a whole lot less snow this morning.  Yesterday turned out to be one of those ugly January days that we're accustomed to enduring in multiples during this first month of the year.

Fortunately, with just a week to go January hasn't been too bad weatherwise, but yesterday served as a reminder about why we groan so much during this time of the year. 

Lots of fog, wet and messy but still slippery as heck AND that translates into Foster bath time along with more outside time for the little guy.

When a little pup spends a portion of his time at the manure pile----especially the wet manure pile---he picks up a stink. 

So, he goes to the utility-room sink before coming into the house.  After a slathering of coconut-scented shampoo and a thorough towel-off, he gets to go into the rest of the house.  

That entry is usually followed by a carpet session of rubbing every last drop of moisture dry. 

Over the next several days, that procedure will most likely happen with Foster a couple of times daily.  Happily, he's great about his baths. 

Later . . . . . 

I've been to the barn and have encountered balmy temps and significantly less snow.  The good news is that the sky to the west has clouds but lots of breaks.  So, our rain may have ended for several days.  


This morning's Spokesman-Review led off with a big feature story about the enthusiasm next Sunday's Super Bowl is generating among Seahawks fans-----complete ensembles of Seahawks apparel, window paintings and even Seahawks-themed cupcakes. 

Fans are definitely excited, and the blue-green combos are showing up everywhere, it seems, even on Bill Love's fly-tying vise.  

I don't know if anyone else in the Northwest has a "12th Man Fly," but Bill does.  He came up with the idea, and once that happened, those 12th Man Flies started appearing with regularity. 

Bill hasn't told me what fish are likely to rise out of the water and grab on to his creations, but for at least the next week, they're kinda in style. 

I even heard him on the phone yesterday ordering some more materials to tie Seahawk-themed flies. 

So, we may not be wearing all things green and blue like we do our ZAGS gear, but for this Sunday's Super Bowl, we've got a "12th Dog" and lots of "12th Man Flies" to go with him. 

Now, if Bill could just come up with a ZAGS fly (20-1 after last night), I'm betting fly-fishing aficionado and ZAGS coach Mark Few might bite.  

Happy Sunday. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised after all your years in Idaho that you haven't had elk steak before. There is nothing like it - DEElicious! (Much better than venison.) And wild game meat is much healthier than our grain fed beef. Sure glad Swiss Miss got to try it before heading back to Switzerland. Helen