Monday, January 05, 2015

DEEEEEP Dump: Beastly and Beautiful

This morning . . . . 

Yesterday . . . . 

I've taken my 12-hour Aleve. That's after an early morning shoveling session to get the barn door to open and to break a pathway to the shelter for the horses to have their breakfast.

I've thought about my friend Esther who announced yesterday that she was in Mesquite, Nevada, and the sun was shining. 

We didn't get a call this morning telling us there was no school today.  A bunch of other people did.   I guess after 13 years of retirement, they've finally taken me off the school district telephone tree.

My morning walk may have to wait, or I'll have to slip into my snow shoes to walk down the road.  

Yes, we received a deep dump of snow overnight, probably the most I've seen since we moved out here to Selle eight years ago. 

And, yes, the schools are shut down, and any paper deliverer with any sense still has a car load of papers and is probably not stuck in a ditch somewhere.

Bill did report a car sighting on South Center Valley Road.  It was a Suburu----not ours, though.

And, it made it through that foot-deep, heavy snow on the road.  

Yesterday, I took my Suburu over the Selle-Oden snowy roads, and it did just fine cuz I was really careful. 

I was out and about to have lunch with my friend Bonnie who had an article that needed to be typed and prepared for an online submission. 

We visited and enjoyed the usual tasty treats at Pack River General Store.  Bonnie had the broccoli soup, while I had my chicken caesar wrap, half of which remained at the store cuz, like an old lady with short-term memory loss, I forgot to take it when I left. 

After our lunch, I was planning to go snow shoeing at the Ginter Fish and Game but opted to just go up Lightning Creek and take some "crick" pictures.  

Yesterday, the snow created exquisite beauty just about anywhere ya wanted to look.  

Today, it has created a heckuva lot of work just about anywhere ya want to go---if ya could get there. 

When my Aleve takes hold, I'll go back out and do some more shovel work around the house. 

And, tomorrow, I'll pray that when the Aleve wears off, I don't have an achin' back.

Yup, thinking about Esther in Mesquite and her sunshine and bare ground makes a person wonder sometimes just how long all this shoveling on deep-dump days like today is gonna continue.  

For now, it's pretty outside, but if we get all the rain they say we're gonna get, maybe it'll wash most of the snow away, and Mesquite dreams will drift on for another day. 

Happy Monday. I'm gonna make the most of the 11 hours left on my pain pill. 

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peppylady (Dora) said...

I didn't know pack river have a store?

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