Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Snow Event

Wind and snow have caused this smaller of our older apple trees to lean off toward Nellie's.  I'm afraid it might be a gonner, but I'll try to prop it up later in hopes that a little life still remains. 

I posted this photo (the window of Monique's renter's car) for Bill's sister Margaret who recently retired from California State Parks. 

Everyone has their stories about dealing with yesterday's major snow dump.  Between clearing out trails (sometimes clearing them out again when snow slid off the roof), taking pictures and trying to snowshoe through the woods, I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday.

The day started out quietly as our road, like most of the others in the county and city, was barely passable.  

Our neighbor Monique learned that the hard way as she made her way down the one open track in foot-deep snow, only to have a driver in a flat bed come right at her, hold his own in that one track and run her off into the untouched deep snow.

So, she called their renter, who brought shovels to dig her out.  Another neighbor came along later and pulled her the rest of the way.  She went on her way to Schweitzer where other family members work, got her ticket, skied one run and called it a day.  She said things were pretty messy up at Schweitzer.

Actually, here at the Lovestead, the day turned out to be fairly enjoyable, once that major job of opening up the essentials, via plowing, blowing and shoveling, was completed before daylight.

I saw references on Facebook of folks who were ready for nap time by 9 a.m. after working almost a day's work before daylight. 

The snow continued to create a pretty landscape and some fun images.  

I tried snow shoeing in the woods, but turned back after turning off the main trail into the woods and encountering snow so deep that my shoes got lost in it. It was a workout, and my dogs worked harder, 'cept for Kea and came along for a free ride most of the way on the back of my snow shoes. 

It was fun but worrisome watching little Foster bound through the deep snow.  I think at times he was wishing Mom would pick him up and carry him. 

Anyway, all that forecast rain hasn't hit here---yet.  Things have just warmed up, and it's pretty pleasant outside.  I'll quit worrying all together when the last of the snow slides off the roof cuz every time it does, I worry about where the animals are. 

In the meantime, my mind is thinking about that rack of garden and flower seeds I saw down at Co-Op a couple of days ago.  I asked the staff if they were gonna hide the seeds for the rest of the winter, and they assured me that they would not. 

I think the farm stores have learned that we have a lot of winter gardeners here, who are desperate to grow anything which will help them think about life after winter.  I'm definitely one of those!

Happy Tuesday.  

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Kamyria said...

Gorgeous photos. I love snowstorms. I wish we could get a major dump here too. Shut everything down for a day or two. So far all we've been having is flurries and frigid cold which we could all do without.