Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Joy and the Simple Life

Yesterday I enjoyed visits with two friends.  The first visit was brief----my purpose was to drop off a story I'd typed for my friend Bonnie whose computer had been giving her fits. 

While there, I met Bonnie's dogs, one of which is a big, happy Airedale.  We also talked briefly about the story, and then I left.  

As I walked out the door, she told me that she shure (that's Bonnie's vernacular, not a misspelling) did like that blueberry jam I gave her.

I promised her another jar as soon as I make a new batch. 

The mention of blueberry jam brought a smile to my face about the simple things in life which we all get to enjoy in one form or another. 

In my case, it's the joy of growing something, harvesting it and then whipping up something good that someone else will enjoy. 

A while back while talking to my next-door neighbor, she mentioned pumpkins and that she'd "shure" want a couple again this year.  

Best tasting pumpkin pie she'd ever made, she told me, and, of course, it had to be those Lovestead pumpkins.  

Well, of course, I'll put you on my pumpkin list, I told her, filled with another dose of joy, knowing that someone appreciated something I'd grown from seed. 

It's the simple life that brings us the most joy, it seems. 

My second visit yesterday involved handing over the original digitals of some photos I'd taken over the past several months. 

My friend Judy came to the house to hand over a thumb drive so I could transfer the images.  

While she sat on the bed next to my computer and I tried to act like I knew exactly what I was doing with that thumb drive (did I ever tell you I don't multi-task well, especially when I'm talking and trying to pay attention to what someone is saying?). 

Well, I don't multi-task well but still engaged Judy on the topic of just what she was planning to do with these photos, which would eventually end up hanging at hers and Bill's church. 

Judy told me she had asked a lot of people when they felt closest to God and virtually every one said when they were enjoying nature.

I nodded my head to that one. 

So, Judy's planning a display of nature photos by various photographers, and fortunately my multitasking with the thumb drive worked, and she has mine.  

Once again, I felt the joy of actually creating a reminder of those beautiful simple moments spent with nature and actually having someone else appreciate it. 

Yesterday was filled with joyous interactions with friends and joyous moments with nature.  

Before Judy arrived, I had stepped outside with my camera to take some pictures of all the little chickadees and finches that flutter and flit in and out of the bird feeders.

Of course, my three four-legged, black-and-white friends joined me, causing the little birdies to hang out in the trees near the bird feeder while the invaders, human and dogs, stood silently observing. 

During that moment or two,  my newest bird feeder friends showed up.  That would be Mr. or Mrs. Blue Jay and Mr. or Mrs. Stellar Jay.  I'm hoping there's one of each gender. 

They stayed away from the bird feeder, but they did bounce from limb to limb in the quartet of poplar  trees near the house.  So, I was able to capture a couple of photos, which was nice because they don't often show up as a pair. 

I loved that moment, and I was proud of the dogs because they respected the importance of silence and reverence in such moments.  Good dogs. 

Later, on a lovely day after the storm, I went for a late afternoon walk.  That was after I'd gone to the Co-Op Country Store and bought my seed supply, making sure to select a package of pumpkin seed for those manure-pumpkins that created the best tasting pumpkin pie Bev has ever made.  

I don't know how soon I'll stick seeds in the their indoor pots, but at least they're ready and waiting when I'm ready.  I'll probably start with pansies and petunias cuz they always take a while. 

Anyway, I'd been to town and had shoveled out some key areas (like the door to the greenhouse) and it wasn't quite time to put the horses in for the night.  

So, I went for a short walk to the north.  Another moment of sheer joy stopped me in my tracks, causing me to pull out the cell phone and capture that magnificent sky hovering over Meserve's big trees. 

Yup, a simple scene but, oh so powerful, and, yup, I do think God speaks to us more clearly in moments like these.  

The old "Keep It Simple Stupid" reminder fits perfectly in the grand scheme of life and the joys we can experience at any given moment in life. 

I guess if we can concentrate on simplicity all the complex matters will work themselves out, even multitasking at the computer while visiting with a friend. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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