Friday, January 02, 2015

Goal setting, Birthdays and Big Games

Laurie, Debbie, Barbara against that gorgeous snow-covered mountain backdrop west of Heron, Montana. 

A view of the dining area from the second floor at Amber Bear Inn. 

Some suites are huge at the Amber Bear inn, and the bathroom mirror in one suite set up a fun photo.

This was our view as we enjoyed our lunch Wednesday next to the window at the Amber Bear Inn west of Heron, Montana.  

Checking out one of the suites,  which has a window facing the barn and the 28-year-old resident horse, which we met on our first visit a few weeks ago. 

The obligatory group photo in front of the fireplace. 

Lots more snow over Clark Fork way, and we're just as happy to have to drive a ways to see the snow. 

An airborne Go Pro camera, used by some folks down the road from us, temporarily upset the elk herd, but they soon returned to their dinner in the field near Clark Fork's Lightning Creek Road. 

I accomplished my first goal for 2015 yesterday---to enjoy a lazy day.  

For the most part, I did pretty well even though the morning was spent taking down and storing Christmas decorations, even the outdoor lights. 

Once that was completed, I happily chalked up several hours slouching on the couch watching NCAA semifinal football games.

It was pretty hard, though,  to get too lazy during the Oregon-Florida State game, as Oregon doesn’t allow much time for running to the kitchen for more snacks or even blinking, for that matter.  

Their lightning-fast, intensive and skilled approach to virtually every play turned into one of the more exciting college football games I've ever watched. 

I pulled for Oregon's Ducks for three reasons:  my classmate Janet, my former student Chris and, of course, because they’re represent the West.
Janet graduated from the University of Oregon, while Chris travels with the team for the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper,  taking phenomenal and award-winning photos of game action and all other aspects of the team.  

He captured a key fumble by Jameis Winston, via video, in yesterday’s blow-out of the Seminoles. 

Chris even gave his old teacher a thrill, texting me from the Rose Bowl sidelines to tell me his trip to Arlington, Tex., was already booked. 

I loved the game and look forward to Oregon vs. Ohio State in the championship.  

This morning I'm posting some photos taken Wednesday when we took my sister Barbara to lunch at the Amber Bear Inn near Heron, Mont.  Until our arrival, I had no idea we would be the only customers that day.

The owners served up wonderful hospitality, showing us some of the rooms, telling tales of their experiences with the inn and restaurant and preparing big lunches for each of us, where every last bite was devoured.

Later, we took the back road to Clark Fork, shot a few photos along the river and then checked to see if the Elk were gathering at their feeding spot next to Lightning Creek Road.  

Sure enough, they were.  Barbara, the birthday girl, captured some dramatic shots with her camera in the midst of another group who had brought along a flying Go Pro camera.

The camera spooked the elk a bit, disturbing their eating time, but the herd did not stray too far away from the hay. 

It was a beautiful day for a drive, and we made the most of it.   Looks like we're in for a warm-up now, and we even have a dusting of snow this morning.

Slouching on the couch for yesterday's holiday did not disappoint, but I'll probably be on the move a bit more on this second day of 2015.  Where has the time gone????

Happy Friday. 

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