Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yak Yak Days

Yesterday marked the first full day of Yak Tracks on my boots for this winter season.  I've tried to tough it out without them by ultra planning in taking each step during the other icy times of this winter. 

With this batch of ice, however, the first step out the door could mean death or at least some pretty sore or broken bones.

And, we've got killer ice virtually everywhere. That Sunday of snow falling followed by snow melting followed by temps dipping to freezing created a perfect recipe for the worst and most slippery ice slabs of the year. 

The forecast calls for several days of dry, cold weather ahead, so I don't think the ice is gonna melt very soon. 

Thank goodness for the Yak Tracks.  They do keep us upright and generally safe.  

While talking about winter weather, I must mention that the Winter X Games are running this week in Aspen, Colo. (televised on ESPN). 

One of my former students and definitely one of my heroes, Brandon Adam, is competing for his third time in the Mono Ski event. 

You can see his photo and stats at http://xgames.espn.go.com/athlete/3015458/brandon-adam

Brandon, 29, graduated from Sandpoint High School, joined the Army and was serving as a sergeant in Iraq when he was severely injured when a IED exploded near his tank. Brandon lost both legs.

BUT Brandon has not let his misfortune get in the way of living his life to the fullest.  He's upbeat, he's a consummate sports lover, he's married to an English teacher and he's the father of a darling daughter with another child on the way. 

In 2011, Brandon took a silver medal in the mono skiing competition.  He also competed in 2012, taking fifth.  Last year he had surgery to take care of some chronic back problems. 

So, he's ready to go, and tells me he'll be competing this Thursday, Jan. 22.  His event should be mid afternoon, and I'm not sure how the ESPN programming will be, so if you can't watch, send him some positive vibes on Thursday. 

Brandon will do the rest.  GO BRANDON!

This young man has served and truly sacrificed for our country and has served as an exemplary American citizen since his injury in Iraq.  Plus, he serves as a phenomenal inspiration for all who've known him over the years.  

In the meantime, I'm spending time here at the computer doing my lists and checking them twice and three times and sometimes four.  

One's brain gets a little murky after seeing the same names over and over and wondering if the new information made it from wherever I got it to the right list.

And, then there's the fear that someone's name will be left out and that someone will feel unloved.  Hardly the case but we all know the feeling of being overlooked, so we're doing our best.  

Rounding up the names of 194 classmates remains an ongoing task, one I love, by the way. Seems there's never enough time, though.

Today we have another class reunion meeting and some more names and addresses will come in from other classmates.  

Plus, maybe by the end of today's meeting we'll have a more concrete plan on what we'll be doing and where for our first night's get together.  With people ten years older, we have to consider a few more logistics than we did for past reunions. 

All of that has turned out somewhat challenging, but we'll figure it out, and in September, maybe we'll have the time of our lives.  

Time to get back to the lists.  Happy Tuesday, and, locals, stay upright.  Wear your Yaks or something to keep from sliding!

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