Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Reunion, Et. Al.

I'd say inflation has struck since the night we graduated from high school.  We had 194 graduates listed in our class, so if everyone went to the party, the Elks took in $388 for hosting and putting on the party.

Well, without too much advance disclosure, I can tell you that we'll be forking out a little more money for the next party we have.  It's a two-nighter, so double the $388 and add a few bucks. 

We're still doing some negotiating and nailing down one venue, but we know for sure that the grads and their guests had better plan on a few bigger bills to pay the tab when we get together this September.

My classmate Judy Chronic Dabrowski, a Southside Elementary grad, brought her scrapbook to yesterday's reunion committee meeting, so I could snap a few photos of class pictures, Homecoming mums and old newspapers for posting on our Facebook group page. 

Prices have definitely changed as has graphic design.  Or, was there such a thing as graphic design back in those days?

How 'bout those typewriter strikes. Seemed to be a few inconsistencies with the keys. 

I wonder how many times whoever typed the ticket above had to rip the paper from the carriage, wad it up, throw it in the wastebasket and start all over cuz of one stupid mistake.

I'm also wondering how many classmates actually showed up at the Elks for the all-night party.

I know I didn't.  

My friend Ray Holt and our friends Laura and Lee thought we wanted to do something out of the ordinary for our graduation celebration. 

So, after receiving our diplomas we piled in either Ray or Lee's car, sitting double in each seat and headed to Spokane with plans to dine at the Davenport or the Ridpath, never giving a thought to making reservations.

We were gonna celebrate our graduation from high school in the big city, big lights. 

Well, the lights were there, but the fancy restaurants had closed down by the time we arrived in Spokane---about the same time everyone else was having fun at the Elks party for $1.50 apiece.  

I think our group of four may have spent more per person.  We made the guys, who had graduated the year before, pay up after enjoying a "wonderful" Grand Slam Special or something similar at Denny's Restaurant, probably the one on Sprague.

I don't remember a whole lot about the ambiance, but I do remember clearly that the table rocked back and forth as we tried to eat. 

Then, we left Denny's and just drove home, with most people in the car snoozing and my exiting the car about 2 a.m. and going into snooze mode myself in my bed just minutes later.

I'm sure the $1.50 per person party was still rocking at the Elks.

It's not often I have too many regrets about life decisions, but that one might fit into the "you weren't quite as smart as you thought you were" category. 

But life is a gamble, and sometimes the odds work against us in Grand Slam fashion.  

I've been pretty good about staying home from Spokane and Denny's at the class parties we've had since May 25, 1965, even if they cost a few more dollars more.  

They've all been fun, and yesterday's reunion meeting was a lot of fun.

We may have a clearer typeface when we issue our reunion information . . . . or does anyone care?  

Yes, methods of communication for imparting important details about the parties have changed considerably since those days when our class advisers probably instructed us umpteen times in our classrooms as to the time, price of the event and expected behavior. 

Actually, we had a great time yesterday at Tango as more names and addresses came to the master list and as tales of the good ol' days of draconian detention at Washington School, of what ever happened to Gil Bohan, of Sean Garvey's escape from Sister School, etc., kept us there visiting much longer than anticipated. 

If the rest of the planning is as much fun as yesterday, and if the event itself even comes close to yesterday's enjoyment, we won't mind paying a few more bucks to show up. 

And, I have absolutely no plans to bypass the event and head for Denny's for a Grand Slam. Maybe DICKS for a Whammy but surely not Denny's.  

Should be some fun times ahead, regardless of the cost. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Laura Gray said...

That was quite the graduation night!!! It's probably a night we'll never forget - well - we girls anyway. : )