Sunday, February 22, 2015

And the Winner IS "Physicalness" and "Teamness"

Physicalness . . . . 

Let me start on this morning of winners---on a day which will be topped off this evening by winners of Oscars---with some new coaching vernacular.

I don't know if these words, coined by coaches after a couple of Bulldog games yesterday, will make it to Merriam-Webster's list of favorites for 2015 or even into their dictionary, but they sure worked in the post-game interviews.

"Physicalness" came dribbling from the lips of the Rigby coach whose team had lost in a heart-breaking buzzer beater the night before.  

On Friday night, a Skyview last-second 3-pointer put Rigby into the consolation round, matched up with the Sandpoint Lady Bulldogs on Saturday's trophy day at the Idaho State Basketball tournament. 

After the Bulldogs defeated the Trojans, Rigby's coach characterized the "physicalness" of Coach Duane "Woody" Ward's team as a factor in his team's second tournament loss.  

Be it "physicalness," grit, talent, skill, community support or whatever, that third-place trophy brought out some big smiles and team pride for the Lady Bulldogs, their coaches and their faithful followers. 

Congratulations, Lady Bulldogs. What a phenomenal year!

                                                                                     Photo, courtesy of Charity Schoening

Teamness . . . .

Some English teachers might look Gonzaga coach Mark Few right in the face and say, "You're no William Shakespeare."  

But that's okay.  If Coach Few's "teamness" did it for the "United We ZAG" Bulldogs last night, we'll take it.  

I hope everyone who might have been suffering chest pains or other pains during that match-up with St. Mary's stayed alive long enough to see that the ZAGS did, indeed, win their 28th game last night. 

My chest, stomach, jaw and overall body tension which built up through the first three quarters began to subside in the last minutes of the game only to be replaced by bruises to my upper left arm.

That's cuz I suffered sister abuse every time the ZAGS dribbled up the floor, made another shot, ran back down the floor, grabbed another rebound several times to take the lead after a 17-point deficit and a whole bunch of missed, easy shots. 

My sister Laurie pounded away at my upper arm after at least three of those made shots. Finally, she promised to leave me alone.  

In the last few seconds, when it was evident that the ZAGS were actually gonna win this scary game, I reciprocated with a few punches (much more gentle, mind you) to Laurie's right upper arm. 

It was downright dangerous on that couch AND in a lot of living rooms, I believe.  

I loved Lori Weiler's take on the game:   Oh my Zags ~ mental toughness on the court ~ heart failure in the living room! Way to fight guys!

Now, those English teachers who might be looking down their nose at Mark Few's "teamness" characterization would highly approve of Lori's eloquence. 

For the record, this English teacher doesn't mind yesterday's "coach word-coining creativity" one bit because sometimes words just don't exist in the dictionary to aptly describe situations like those two wonderful Bulldog victories. 

How sweet they were!  And, we faithful followers are recovering from our battle scars this morning but SO proud!

Congratulations to the ZAGS for winning yet another West Coast Conference League Championship.  The bruises were worth it!

Now, we move on to tonight's Oscars, which should be much more placid as we learn who "the winner is . . . ." several times.   

Who knows, maybe we'll even hear a few more new words for dictionary consideration!  

Happy Sunday. 

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