Monday, February 23, 2015

Horsin' Around

It was "treat" day yesterday as I took a former student/good friend over to Cheney, Wash., to visit with some nice folks I had not seen since the days when they'd come up each summer and perform the secretarial duties for the Spots of Fun Open Horse Show.

I think it's been at least six years since I saw them last, but we pretty much picked up where we'd left off yesterday. 

Beautiful weather for February and my friend Kari's ongoing quest to find a good looking Appaloosa trail horse made the decision to simply hit the road for the afternoon pretty easy. 

While visiting with Larry, Avalon, Charlene and little Miss Claire, we walked the barn yards, looked at the herd and occasionally pushed away friendly equine noses. 

Larry and Avalon own an assortment:  a very nice pony which keeps the grandkids happy, some mules and Annie---she's donkey and mule, and she's a character.  

Plus, they have some nice working Appaloosas which have put in hundreds and hundreds of miles on annual Chief Joseph Trail rides, other scenic treks through the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon, etc.

It's obvious these horses and mules and Annie get their TLC, and there are plenty of tales to go along with each.  

Kari looked at a mare named Fancy---10 years old.  She's had some riding experience in the canyons near Asotin and some other experience with a 4-H'er.  As Avalon says, even when their horses don't get ridden much, ya just saddle them up and off they go. 

We had the opportunity to see Fancy in the barnyard, in the barn for saddling and in the round pen for some groundwork and riding. 

All the while the conversation was flying.  It was a wonderful afternoon reconnecting with my Cheney friends and with yakking to and from Cheney with my friend Kari.  

The week ahead is looking busy with tax stuff to drop off, a class reunion meeting, a visit with a classmate coming to town and whatever else comes down the pike.  

As fast-paced as this winter season has been, pretty soon we'll be saying "What winter?" and mowing lawns and riding horses.  Love it!

Happy Monday. 

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