Friday, February 13, 2015

Desert and Horses . . . .

Well, things won't happen exactly as in the video below, but we'll see beautiful horses, and we'll see the desert.  Some of those horses might have names. 

Today the "sisters three" embark on an action-packed weekend in the sun, thanks to Jacob, Debbie, Willie and Bill, Pat and another high school sub who will mind the respective stores while we're gone.

This time tomorrow, Barbara, Laurie and I should be seeing fabulously beautiful horses in the desert.  

We all have our cameras packed and our laptops.   Is there anything else we need? Oh yeah, we'll have our cell phones.

Although we can never get enough views or pictures of beautiful horses, we'll maintain a strict discipline which gets us out into the desert and allows us time to visit a wonderful Native American museum.

I suppose I'm being a bit cryptic or maybe nonspecific about just where we're going. 

That's for two reasons:  we have a full schedule and no time to visit friends who may live in the area AND it will be fun to let the pictures do the talking.

So, we can play a "Where in the World ARE Barbara, Laurie and Marianne, of sorts. Carmen Sandiego, eat your heart out!

We're leavin' on a jet plane, and we DO know when we'll be back again, so we're gonna make the best of every moment.  

Stay tuned and do enjoy the video below. 

Happy Friday. 

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