Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Willie is leaving us and heading back to Boise. 

He plans to take off mid-week, and he's going with a bunch of high school basketball players.  

YES, the Lady Bulldogs earned themselves a trip to the State Tournament next week, and Willie will come back to Sandpoint when the tournament ends. 

When he does return to Boise, rather than sitting in the press section, typing sports stories on a laptop while big time commentators from CBS call the games, Willie,  Coach Duane Ward and the Lady Bulldogs will be creating the stories for others to write. 

Congratulations once again to the Sandpoint Lady Bulldogs and their coaches on some wonderful achievements this season.  Two papers this morning published different season records, but I'll take the local version of 14-8 over the 13-8 in the regional paper. 

So, this day is a throwback of sorts for Willie the sports reporter who used to live in Boise and report on high school sports for the Idaho Press Tribune. I'm sure he'll be savoring this year's Boise sporting experience every bit as much as the one picture above. 

Good luck, Bulldogs.  

On this Thursday morning, we're looking toward a beautiful day ahead with some rather unusual and mild weather for February.

Yesterday while raking up rocks and other residue in the yard left by the snowpack, I had to keep reminding myself that THIS IS FEBRUARY, relatively early February at that. 

One has to be careful about getting to jazzed up about the outdoor projects because we could have some Mother Nature surprises for at least the next two months.  

For now, though, I'll take it, but I'll probably keep all my baby plants inside.  Yesterday 12 'maters had come up, and I haven't counted this morning.  I'm sure there will be a few more tiny green leaves popping out of the soil. 

My pansies and ornamental grass are thriving, and then there are some unknown very healthy plants with long stems.  I'm kinda thinking they may be weeds, but I'll wait and see.  

For the life of me, I can't understand why weeds can outdo desired plants any day of the week. 

Back to the outdoors----the mild winter has made yard clean up very easy, especially in the rock and gravel department.  We've plowed maybe twice, so the gravel deposits on the lawn are minimal at best. 

And, it's usually March that talk of the thousands of squishy doggie droppings starts.  My squishy doggie droppings have all been removed, 'cept for maybe this morning's additions. 

It took me a couple of days to make my rounds around the yard with the cart and the picker, but I've removed most of them.  Walking the yard has once again become a pleasure rather than maneuvering through an obstacle course.

I embarked on another outdoor project yesterday, which was just plain enjoyable for Lefty and me.  He stood happily and contented while I brushed him down and removed a little loose hair with the combs and brushes.  

Then, it was shave-and-a-haircut time.  Lefty rubbed out a lot of his mane during the fall, so its new growth is just starting to turn over.  I use a little Pantene Hair Mousse to help train it.  Lefty always kinda wonders about that stuff I'm squirting on his mane, but he puts up with it. 

He totally enjoys his shave, almost asking for more once I've removed the whiskers and furry hair around his muzzle and jaw.  He's looking much better after his trip to the beauty parlor. 

It's been great enjoying this touch of spring, and if the winter does return, at least we've gotten a taste of the good times yet to come.

It's a ZAGS day, and I'm dressed in uniform and ready for the big game tonight.  Let's hope for another victory for another Bulldog team.  GO ZAGS.  Let's make it 25-1!

Happy Thursday to all. 

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