Monday, January 11, 2016

Ice Art on a Gloomy Day

I don't usually like to gripe too much about not feeling well because I know of a lot of people suffer from much worse problems than a stubborn cold, but the topic fits with my afternoon outing for yesterday. 

Yesterday's version of the never-ending cold, which I've had for two weeks, turned out to be the "full-blown" variety.  

Not just a bad throat, not just a cough, not just a runny nose, not just feeling exhausted. All of the above have picked certain days in the past two weeks to strike individually, but yesterday they used teamwork to provide me a full dose of the creepin' crud.

So, when I finished my morning chores and went for my walk, it was almost 10 a.m. and time for the Seahawks-Vikings game.  What better excuse than to allow a yucky cold to provide the perfect situation for slouching on the couch.  

I slouched for most of the game, except for halftime when Liam needed to go outside. Then, it was back to the couch, next to the warm wood stove where, if I wanted, I could even doze off.  

There were times during the game when dozing off seemed like the best option because the Seahawks were not doing well in that frigid, below zero air back in Minnesota.

The Vikings held the upper edge most of the game, going ahead 9-0.  It was about that time that I needed some chocolate to go with my afternoon coffee for a good caffeine fix and with hopes of pepping up and feeling a little more alive, at least, for a while. 

The usual giant bag of M and M's from Costco had been emptied days ago. I also remembered that, on Saturday, I had found some rollos left over from one of Annie's Christmas desserts.  

Well, yesterday, the rollos had all been consumed.  While lamenting that there may be no chocolate today, though, I suddenly remembered the bag in the closet.   Bill had picked up three of these bags for when I was arranging my Christmas-cookie plates. Colorful wrapping on chocolate candies sets off a cookie plate very nicely.   

This year, instead of the usual giant jar of Costco chocolates from around the world which we've had used in the plates every other year, Bill brought home three bags of chocolate caramels----with shiny green and blue wrap----Seahawks colors and with Seahawks on the label. 

I'd almost forgotten that a whole bag was left over.  My disappointment about being chocolate impaired suddenly turned to excitement.  

"Perfect," I thought.  I'll take one of each color and go back to the couch to slouch and enjoy the candy with my coffee.

This next part IS the truth!  

Within less than a minute of my consuming the two chocolate caramels, with their Seahawks wrapping, the football flew past Russell Wilson's head. 

Oh NO! Just like with the chocolate discovery, doom and gloom for the Seahawks instantly turned to pure elation.  

That amazing Russell Wilson (I've admired him from the get go), ran back, scooped up the ball which had landed at least ten yards behind him, took off running in his usual darting- away-from-danger style, and fired a pass down filed to Tyler Lockette, WHICH HE CAUGHT almost in the end zone. 

It took me a few minutes after the eventual touchdown to remember the perfect timing: eat Seahawks chocolate caramels, and Seahawks will find a way.  

Now, I'd like to boast that I ate another set of chocolate caramels just before the Minnesota missed field goal, but that would be lying, and I have to admit that I truly thought at that moment that the Seahawks season was over. 

I think I was not alone.  

Anyway, it wasn't the Miracle on Ice, but it came close!  Bill walked in from church just as the game ended.  He watched it later in the evening.

And, since he was home and ready to plop down to watch the Green Bay Packers, I decided it was wise to get out of the house for a while because, even when I'm not feeling well, too much time in the house makes me feel worse.

So, Bill watched the game and the dogs while I took a drive and my cameras to Priest River and back.  

Just like most of the Seahawks game, it was pretty gloomy all along the way-----a very typical, socked-in January day where finding any hint of astounding beauty is challenging, to say the least.

I was about to turn around and come back when I came upon the area where giant ice formations add a rather spectacular look to the blasted out rock along the highway.  Even gloom doesn't take away too much from the beauty of these works of ice art.  

It was also neat to stand along the roadside and hear and see giant pieces of melting ice tumble down to the road embankment.  

Turning the other way, I took some time to admire the beautiful Pend Oreille River, which even yesterday, put on a unique show of cool, winter colors. 

The break from sitting inside the house did not do a lot to diminish my full-blown cold symptoms of yesterday, but, as I told Bill, at least seeing something different helped me forget my misery.  

Today, I have no idea what comes of this tiresome crud, but I do feel better, and, like everyone who loves the Seahawks and the ZAGS, we all received a lift, knowing that their winning ways continue on.  

And, that is a good thing in January.  

Happy Monday. 

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peppylady (Dora) said...

On your walk I bet you saw a lot of pretty things. North Idaho sure has some pretty places.

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