Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Love on a Branch, et. al.

They had no idea that a human voyeur was watching their special moment on a poplar limb. 

If they had, you would not be seeing these photos.

They would have flown off, screeched out their "I'm guilty" dove sound and eventually landed on a power line or another tree where they could resume their lovie dovie stuff. 

It's become an old joke at my house that "they're guilty" several times a day.  

At least, I think the doves act a lot like my brothers and I used to react the instant we heard an intruder aka enforcer when while stealing slices of Wonder bread from the kitchen drawer next to the sink where Mother hoped, usually in vain, that a loaf of bread could last for a couple of days.

We skidaddled quickly with bread hidden under our shirts, usually to our bedrooms, where we could choke it down without getting caught. 

Yup, our Love doves definitely suffer from over-reactive guilt complexes.  And, like the times when Border Collies mysteriously reprimand the horses for a misdeed, I still haven't got a clue what makes the birds react like they just got caught red-handed aka with blood on their hands or claws. 

From what I can see, their claws are pink, and I've never seen them do anything wrong except for making me feel bad because they feel so guilty every time I walk around the corner of the house or appear anywhere in their presence.

Their presence never lasts long.

Yesterday, however, I caught 'em, and they didn't even have a clue.  I was standing in the living room by the window when I spotted them chummied up with each other on the branch.  

So, I ran for the new camera with the neat telephoto.  Standing off to the side of the window so as not to alert them, I snapped several photos without their knowledge. 

Nice to see love doves in one place for more than a split second.  These two kinda reminded me a bit of the old Loves who live inside this house.  

Occasionally after dinner, we nod off while watching TV, and the other, who is still awake, makes note and chuckles.  We some times take turns nodding off, just as the birds did during that brief photo shoot yesterday.  

Unlike Bill and me, the birds never did fall asleep at the same time. 

Sleeping or just plain admiring each other's beauty, I love our doves and wish they'd lift the burden of that never-ending guilt complex.

Now, the flickers around our house----I seldom see guilt, and they're quite happy to dig up goodies or peck away at goodies with an audience.  

This flicker was just outside the sliding glass door and very, very busy yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, the ground is softening up, and there's good stuff to be had if ya use a little pecker perseverance.  

The other animals you see I saw on my way to and from town yesterday.  And, since it's January (how many more days 'til it's over), lighting for photos isn't all that neat.

So, it's kinda fun to get the images and play with them in a photo editing program.  

The deer are part of the well-fed herd on North Kootenai Road near Betty Berger Pass and behind the fences which adamantly state "No Hunting."  

As usual, some of them were hanging out near the house, but shyness ruled as they saw me roll to a stop.  

The horse, cows and the cute mule along Woodside Road were munching on hay and digging under the snow in hopes of a blade of grass.  

It was fun this morning to give them a unique touch with the photo editing tools----something that makes them a whole lot more interesting than the raw shot with blah lighting. 

In other animal news, tonight is the actual first night of school for Liam.  I've told him about it, and later today, I'll prepare his "lunch" to help him out with lessons. 

Doggie treats will occupy one of my pockets on a vest.  I've learned from past obedience classes that the smaller the treat and the more accessible, the smoother things go during training periods.  

So, knowing Liam's appetite, I plan to load up.  

Stay tuned.  We'll see if he has to stay after school or if he goes to the principal's office.  

Happy Tuesday. 

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Anonymous said...

The two doves in the top pic are Eurasian Collared Doves...I like 'em. A lot of people don't. In many places, they're considered "invasive species." They first arrived in the USA in the early 1990s. They came to my attention a couple of years ago when we were in Houston. I noticed they're rhythmic, loud "woo-hoo" song nearly every place we went. I'd never heard them before, but I liked their sound. You cannot walk outside for more than a couple of minutes without hearing thme today. People don't like 'em because they allegedly steal food from the "good" birds. I've never quite figured what the bar is that separates the good birds from the bad birds. I knew that the Eurasian Collared Dove had arrived in Idaho because I'd seen them at your place before...am quite surprised, though to see that they hang around for winter. Their song would seem to me out of place in a snowstorm....