Friday, January 22, 2016

Looking for the Sunshine

That's Annie, Lily and lovely lupine above.  No winter scenes on this blog today.  I pulled out all the stops this morning to help this day along, especially after the sock in the gut suffered by all in ZAGland last night. 

When your winter elixir goes down yet another time at the end of yet another game, it's tough.  

I spent almost two hours on the couch last night feeling very hopeful as the ZAGS played with finesse, fire and confidence for a long stretch of their game, unlike we've seen all season---in the enemy's home, no less. 

Then, it happened during those last five minutes.  

Slug, slug, slug and a final pow!  

Ouch, ouch, ouch!  

I'm sure the reaction was pretty similar in many homes across the Northwest or anywhere that tried and true ZAG fans were watching.  Our TV went off within seconds of the final buzzer, and then made feeble attempts to sleep. 

It was tough.  I can only imagine what it was like for the team and coaching staff.  The only consolation is that this phenomenon seems to be occurring with college basketball dynasties across the nation, and we should not forget that. 

We are tried and true ZAG fans, and this morning we can only feel a strong sense of empathy for our team and its coaches, especially in January and especially with so much of the season yet to go before March Madness and so many weeks before our usual family declaration at the buzzer in the ZAGS final game of the season:  it's spring and now we can go on to other things.

Well, it's not spring . . . it's a long ways from that, so this morning, as mentioned before, I pulled out all stops aka some photos of reminders.  

These photos remind me that this too shall pass, albeit very slowly, but it shall pass, and there will be brighter days for the ZAGS and for us fans as we all weather these challenges swirling around the team we so love. 

For us, when spring does come, so will the flowers and so will pretty horses on green grass and beautiful dogs and buttercups and pearly white fences and all that stuff we spend months waiting for during the winter. 

Good times are ahead, so now is the time to engage in the preliminaries guaranteeing those good times, i.e., sowing seeds, planning projects, brushing hairy horses . . . dreaming and smiling as each remaining day of January passes.  

We'll also be licking our wounds before the next ZAGS game, which comes tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Pacific. 

We'll be watching as we always do,  sending our best and strongest vibes to help lift up the young men who must be so devastated this morning. 

Mama said there'd be days like this along with better times too. 

Happy Friday. Enjoy the flowers! 


Marilyn Podoll said...

After days of rain and dark mornings, it was like feeling the sunshine when I saw that picture of the lupines and beautiful horse and blue sky.

Marianne Love said...

We need such reminders from time to time. Glad it brightened your day.