Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Slight

The East Coast is just getting its blast of winter this weekend, while we're more than ready for the January thaw. 

If predictions are correct, we could be seeing more green grass than snow by next weekend because the melting has begun and temps are supposed to stay in the 40s.

Yesterday turned into a "stay inside, curl-up" sort of day, so part of my day included an hour or two, purging several items from the refrigerator and cupboards as well as cleaning grit from the stove and the microwave.

Bill was still home while I was busy with my cleaning project, so at one time he announced, "That big bag of cereal can probably go."

The bag he was referring to was the innards from a cereal box.  It was nearly full and sitting on a top shelf in an overhead stuffed cupboard.  Apparently, since the bag had been there for a couple of years, Bill, the cereal eater of the family, figured it could finally make way for new containers. 

I liked the project, not so much for the cleaning and washing and removing but more for the discoveries made.  

By the time I'd finished my project, one less cluttered cupboard shelf included a collection of two cans of Stagg's country chili, a can of tomato paste and some stewed tomatoes----ah, a whole meal for the two of us. 

I also discovered several boxes of Sure Jell for upcoming jam or jelly projects. 

When all was finished, two kitchen garbage bags, filled with several outdated spaghetti packages, more old cereal, partially filled stale chips, old crackers and various scary refrigerator items sat ready for a trip to the dump. 

That made the dogs happy cuz they were getting pretty stir crazy by late morning.  They love these trips because sometimes the lady will come out and feed them biscuits.  With a steady downpour going, she simply waved us on.  Still, the pups all had a good time.

With the trip to the dump being the highlight of the gloomy, wet day and the entire afternoon left, my desire for any further house cleaning had pretty much expired. 

Besides, I had read a post on Facebook from Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, noting the wetness and warmth and suggesting that curling up and reading a good book might be a great way to spend the day. 

So, I took their lead, but, instead of the book, I went to town and rented a couple of movies.  

After all, if the folks at Western Pleasure wanted to enjoy a lazy day, so did I.  It's always nice to be inspired by someone else when one needs a good excuse and a clear conscience for being a couch potato.

After visiting the store, I brought home some grazing treats for today's ZAGS game (1 p.m. PST on Root or KHQ) vs. Pacific and two movies, one of which took up the rest of my afternoon.

It's Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson in a newly released video called A Walk in the Woods.  For one who used to be enamored for years with Robert Redford's good looks, I must say he has not aged well. 

The movie, based on a true story about two old friends who walked the Appalachian Trail, was okay, and it provided a nice escape from the outside fog and drizzle, but I wouldn't put it on my all-time list of greats.  

Besides, I had watched The Way with Martin Sheen a few weeks ago.  The movie, about the Spain's Camino de Santiago pilgrimage,  has a similar premise but offers a much more inspiring and compelling story. 

Since A Walk in the Woods is a new release, I have to take it back today, while the other The Big Year, which is about birders, can stay here until Monday.  I'll find a time when Bill is home to watch it in its entirety. 

I have seen parts of it on a long flight going somewhere, so there was a certain amount of nodding off.  After our experience with our visiting Brown Thrasher and the visitors who have come to see the bird, I think it will be fun to revisit the movie.

Besides, anything with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson is usually worth watching a time or two.  Last week, our visiting birder from Moscow told me that the movie is strikingly accurate. 

Nice to have such visual and lazy escapes as we continue to trudge through the January countdown. And, it will be equally nice to see our ZAGS put Thursday night's sad ending behind them today as they take on Pacific. 

Having experienced such deep disappointments a time or two with my students over my career, I know that time is a healer.  No doubt, the team will bounce back, and all will be happy in ZAGland.

Happy Saturday. GO, ZAGS!

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Word Tosser said...

We watched WAlk in the Woods today.. what a hoot.. well worth the watch..