Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

He's not yet a Roads Scholar; in fact, we're hoping to keep him away from the road without any scholarly pursuits. 

Nonetheless, today marks a significant day for our newest addition to the family and the Border Collie Nation.  

We've been told to invite a guest to the doggie obedience graduation ceremonies tonight, so we've asked our daughter-in-law Debbie, who reported on Facebook yesterday that she awakened in her bed surrounded by "Borders."

That would be the grandpups, Todd and Brooke.  Liam has yet to meet the grandpups or his cousins Meggie and Jessie, but with these early spring days being so nice, maybe that will happen this week.  

We'll take him over and maybe he can engage in a game of fetch with his extended canine family members.  

And, of course, tomorrow the "graduate" will be meeting a new friend named Ben.  Ben is a month younger than Liam so I'm sure he won't intimidate our fraidy cat like the older pups do at doggie obedience school. 

Anyway, we're proud of the little guy and pleased with his progress thus far----quick potty training, quick to learn most things but still a few things to work on, like dragging on that leash and demolishing leashes with those busy teeth. 

I don't think we'll ever break him of tipping his water and food dishes, partially emptying the contents all over the floor.  That's a Border Collie thing; once they learn to do something fun with their mouth or teeth, it stays with them for life. 

In other news, . . . . it's a beautiful morning.  Bill, the dogs and I were standing outside the barn earlier this morning when that big full moon was dipping behind Schweitzer, and now the big sun is making its appearance over the Cabinets.  

No complaints whatsoever about these late February days.  They've been exhilarating. 

I'm realizing this morning for sure that I've got camera (dirty sensor again) and lens problems so the Canon will go to Image Maker today with hopes that the doctor down there can work some magic. 

Hope he can do it fast because being without that camera leaves me feeling helpless especially with the early spring awakening of beauty.  

The geese are getting noisier every day as they make their more frequent fly-overs.  The other day when I snapped a photo of some flying overhead, I discovered later that the camera sensor once again has residue which causes spots on photos, as you can see below. 

Downright maddening, it is to click on a great image only to later discover those tell tale spots, which really show up in sky photos. And, when rubbing the computer screen won't help them go away, it's time for a trip to the camera doctor. 

So, that will happen today. 

Not much else worth talking about this morning, so I won't drone on.  Instead, it's outside to embrace yet another gift from Mother Nature. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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