Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap . . .

We had a tree fall down over the weekend.  Of course, the story of its demise is thoroughly chronicled in yesterday's blog posting.

In spite of that sad ending to a wonderful chapter of our life here at the Lovestead, the weekend, accented by brilliant blue skies and sunshine, was filled with notable happenings, mostly good, another item not so good. 

I'll get that one over with now----if the ZAGS had to lose to St. Mary's for the second time this season, I am very thankful that they chose Saturday rather than the few days preceding.

Those days were pretty ugly weatherwise, so I'm sure ZAGVille moods would have dipped to near depression had we endured an ugly day followed by such an ugly loss. 

I'm thinking the endorphins many of us had absorbed while frolicking in the early spring sunshine probably hung around long enough to lessen our disappointment at watching the ZAGS desperately playing catch-up throughout the entire game Saturday night. 

At one point, my sister Laurie, who always utters a post-season announcement about it being spring and we can go on to other things, suggested wishfully that maybe spring was coming early this year. 

The ZAGS now have a much tougher road to follow to make it to the Big Dance than we can remember in recent history.  Nonetheless, we're not giving up on them.  

One needs only to remember that on Saturday a sports commentator noted nearly 50 losses already this season among the teams ranked in the NCAA Top Ten, and the season has not yet ended. 

So, whatever is afflicting the ZAGS seems to be fairly contagious among notable teams throughout the nation. 

That said, I hope the Bulldogs are working extra hard, rebuilding their confidence AND their desire to win.  

So now that we have the fallen tree and the fallen team out of the way, I must say it was a phenomenal weekend for a gazillion reasons besides the sunshine and blue skis.

Most of my seeds are in the dirt.  I'll wait on those vine plants, but the greenhouse now has pots with geranium seeds, pansies, petunias, an orange butterfly perennial (new to me), three varieties of lettuce and two varieties of 'maters.  I'm even growing some 'mater plants for a friend who works at the Co-Op. 

In other news, for the second time since we moved to the Lovestead in 2006, I've ridden one of my horses in February.  Lily was feeling her oats, and for a brief moment down by Filipowskis barn, I was worried about how bad I would be feeling if she dumped me in the middle of the road. 

As most horses do on their first time out, she tested the waters with a slight rear and a big loud snort and a parade prance.  I don't like any of the three any more, and whenever that happens, a big image of my chronological age pops in to my mind. 

For a few moments after, I wonder if I should really be out here on the road all by myself. The only consolation is that someone may come along fairly soon and pick up the crumpled mess of humanity lying in the road. 

Well, Lily's spring fling did lasted only about a minute, and all was well the rest of the way home. 

The weekend was also a great one because almost all the snow is gone and the ground is drying enough that we have plenty of choices for walking without wet pant legs or ultra wet doggies requiring baths before they return to the house. 

While on my road walk yesterday morning, I met some neighbors, renting the Lockwood place for the first time----all very nice and one commenting about how pretty it is out here on any given day. 

I agreed and this morning have a few photos to show for it. While we were enjoying life in Sandpoint on Saturday, Willie and Debbie were in Boise where the Lady Bulldogs earned an impressive win and the third-place trophy.

I had the honor Saturday night of transporting Coaches Ward and Love to their respective homes after the long bus ride from Boise.  And, with that honor came a moment at Willie's house where I saw the third-place State trophy for the first time.  

Willie put it in the front seat so I could take a picture, and I'm sure it is now at Sandpoint High where it will eventually live out its days in the SHS trophy case.  Pretty neat stuff as the girls have taken third at State two years in a row now. 

Last night Bill and I topped off the great weekend with a wonderful dinner at our friend Mitzi's home.  Mitzi has been inviting us for dinner for almost five years.  We finally made it and enjoyed a great visit with Mitzi and her pal Lucy along with a delectable dinner menu. 

And so the weekend has ended, and we're looking ahead to a beautiful week, weatherwise.  And, it's looking busy, as always. 

Bill has already headed to town for this morning's Sandpoint Tree Committee meeting, where, along with other trees that came down with a little help, I'm sure our God Tree passing will get some mention. 

Tomorrow night, we take our Liam to his graduation at doggie obedience class.  Later in the week, he'll be meeting a new Border Collie friend named Ben and maybe even his full brother Boba.  

We're looking forward to a temporary increase in the black-and-white population here at the Lovestead. 

And, by the way, if you look at the photo of Liam and Foster below, you can do so with two perspectives.  Liam is getting bigger----or maybe, just maybe, Foster is getting smaller.

Whatever the case, size difference means nothing with these two buddies, and when Liam gets too rambunctious, Foster is not the least bit shy about putting him in his place.

Guess that's all on this Monday.  Enjoy the photos and have a great day.  

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