Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dog Days, YAY!

Yesterday truly was a day with and for the dogs. 

I'll start out explaining this selfie taken at the Ball Creek Nature Conservancy yesterday.  

Actually, I was sitting on a hillside, trying to take a selfie with my longtime sidekick Miss Kiwi.  

She's not in to selfies, I found, but that occurred about the time young Liam came racing up and jumped on my back.

I snapped----the camera, that is, and the photo seemed like a good one to put on Facebook for my usual pre-game cheerleading---in this case last night's West Coast Conference Championship game with the ZAGS and the St. Mary's Gaels.

The caption pointed out that even though Liam was Irish, he wouldn't mind seeing the 'Dogs beat the Gaels.  

And, that they did, in fine fashion, propelling them to an 18th straight trip to the NCAA March Madness, Dance, Bracketology----whatever you wish to call it. 

Bill and I were proud and even more thrilled that we were there at MacArthey Athletic Comples last fall for "Kraziness in the Kennel" when the team members scrimmaged and promised the overflow crowd they would keep up the wonderful ZAGS tradition. 

Like most other diehard fans, we've been there in front of the TV screen almost every moment (air travel got in the way once and being out of TV zone another time) as the ZAGS have fought off adversity, have lost a few games, have rebounded, have re-organized their strategy and, happily, have again more REPEATED their ultimate annual goal of "dancing in March." 

So, this morning, we can look back on yesterday and say it was truly a great day for the 'dogs and the dogs. 

Actually, in a lead-up to last night's game, Bill and I loaded up the three dogs in the white pickup.  We brought along enough bags of stuff for our clothing, eating, watering needs and for the dogs that it felt very similar to the days of packing up all the necessities for the kids when they went to day care.

Our version of puppy day care, however, meant not dropping them off at someone else's house, but taking them to the Ball Creek Nature Conservancy northwest of Bonners Ferry.  
In that wide-open expanse of incomparable beauty, which is often much drier this time of year than here in Sandpoint, doggies can run free.

And, that's precisely what we wanted for Liam. 

Liam passed all the tests.  He came when we called him.  He stayed with his buddies, and he enjoyed a perfect and pure puppy play day, as did his buddies/mentors, Foster and Kiwi.

Bill and I were pleased.  And, as usual, we came home reinvigorated with awe for that beautiful place where humans and their canine buddies can seem so insignificant in comparison to the magnificent landscape. 

Yes, a great day for dogs and a fabulous day for all in ZAGville.  Congratulations to Mark Few, his staff and to his resilient, inspiring and exciting team.  Lookin' forward to the Dance!

Happy Wednesday. I hope you enjoy the photos. 

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