Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tuesday TwitterdeeHOWBOUTTHOSEZAGS!!!

Arvydas had a good night last night.  He may have sat stoically in the audience while his wife stood up and cheered, but we can all be assured that he was one proud daddy. 

Last night his son Domantas did not cry, did not foul out, did not protest the referees' calls----after all he had only one foul---and did not let up for one moment at the Orleans Arena as thousands of fans rocked the house and even thousands more said their "Hail Mary's," and kept their fingers crossed in hopes of a hard-fought win for the ZAGS. 

Last night Domantis made his daddy, a legendary NBA player, his mom and all those fans in the Orleans and around the world proud.  

Arvydas' son played like a warrior last night, sacrificing his body and working that huge young heart harder than ever to ensure an exciting ZAGS win over a talented bunch of BYU warriors.  

Domantis had a lot of help from his friends, too, in a thrilling contest that will be long remembered as "What a game! What a game!"  The ZAGS brought their best skills, determination and heart to the Orleans last night, writing another inspiring chapter in the ZAGS' history book.  

This morning, the ZAGnation rejoices at least for the next 11 or so hours until Domantis, Kyle, Kyle, Eric, Silas, Josh and company face another more formidable challenge:  the St. Mary's Gaels. 

If last night's contest was monumental, tonight's is epic for the ZAGS and their fan base. Can the ZAGS get past those two losses to St. Mary's and propel themselves into an automatic berth for the Big Dance?

We sure hope so!  And, if they do, how sweet it will be, especially after the adversity they have continued to overcome all season long!


I've had a hankering to bake some bread for the past week or so.  That hankering is no more, as during one of the rainy spells yesterday, I brought out the yeast and the other essential ingredients.

My dough rose faster than ever yesterday, quickly coming over the sides of the large mixing bowl and making its way toward the counter and anything else in its path.

Kinda reminded me of the BLOB, that red gelatiny stuff that took over world on the movie screens back in the '50s.  I kept a watch and kept dumping those errant waves back into the bowl.

My loaves turned out kinda misshapened, but the texture and the taste:  delightful.

Eleanor Delamarter, I thought about you yesterday and all that wonderful homemade bread of yours I enjoyed back in the days of the Blob.

Good memories!

Enjoy the other photos, taken on a walk around the place in between rain storms.

Happy Tuesday!  GO ZAGS!

Bill has made good start on the God Tree logging project.  

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