Friday, March 04, 2016

Happy Lovestead Tree Huggers Say,"Thanks, Guys!"

The topping off of one of our cedar rows was almost complete when I took this photo. Our beautiful yard lives on, thanks to the professionalism of the trimming crew. 

Asplundh crew:  foreman and certified arborist Chris Morlen, journeyman Mike Potter and journeyman Tyler Gordon

As longtime, committed tree lovers, we have been living in dread for the past week or so. This morning the dread is gone. 

After learning that our two rows of decorative/protective cedars along South Center Valley roadway would have to be topped off to avoid interference with Northern Lights, Inc. power lines, Bill and I were imagining some really ugly visuals----whacked off and noticeably so. 

Knowing that this trimming must be done for safety and for smooth transfer of electricity throughout the community, we accepted the situation but hardly with great big smiley faces. 

Well, thanks to a crew of caring professionals from Aplundh who performed the job yesterday afternoon, those smiley faces are brightening up the Lovestead.

Both rows of cedars actually look better today, and we couldn't be happier with the service and the care this crew took while completing the project along our property. 

The trees still appear neat and tidy and offer no problem to the overhead powerlines. Yesterday's project provided a win-win situation for the power company and for us, the landowners who take great care to maintain an esthetic and beautiful appearance on our farm. 

Besides their skills and their in-and-out efficiency, Bill and I were most impressed with the tender loving care and understanding extended to us, especially by crew foreman Chris Morlen.  

Once the equipment was set up, Chris came to speak with us.  Immediately, Bill, the forester, felt great relief learning that Chris is a certified arborist, which immediately signals an understanding and appreciation for trees. 

We received sincere assurance from Chris that the crew would do the best job possible with their task, that any mess would be cleaned up and that we would be happy when the job was completed. 

This kind of diplomacy representing both Asplundh and Northern Lights, Inc. makes all the difference in the world to landowners like us who bought our farm long after both cedar rows had been planted.  

For a while---from the time we learned of the upcoming project until yesterday----we felt helpless and a pretty depressed about the potentially ugly visual effect with those cedar rows which create such a dimension of beauty and protection as backdrops to our north and south lawns.

In spite of this, we simply moved forward with an attitude of "just deal with it."

Well, thanks to Chris and his crew, we're thrilled and very appreciative that the beauty will go on and that we were treated with respect. 

Beauty and respect go hand in hand in my book, and, these days the latter seems to be in short supply.  

Thanks so much to Northern Lights, Inc. for entrusting the Asplundh crew to take great care with this necessary job. 

Special thanks to the Chris and his crew for restoring our faith that there are still professionals in the world who not only care about their own needs but also extend that same care to others affected by what could have been a very negative, long-lasting situation. 

Bill and I are very happy.  Happy Friday. 


peppylady (Dora) said...

We had Northern lights trim up a few trees. Under some power lines and I was impress how they handle a saw.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I am not happy with their work. They cut down two large trees and just left them lay, branches and all. They went back in my woods and cut 3 little white fir for no particular reason, they were far from any power lines. No, I am not happy, I have to hire someone now to come and clean up the mess they left.