Sunday, March 06, 2016

I Found My Candidate

I knew there was a viable and reliable alternative out there for disenfranchised voters like me.  

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I have found the perfect candidate to get my vote in this year's Presidential election. 

He's polite and soft-spoken but persevering. 

He's represents diversity.

He's had television experience, which is so essential in maintaining our democracy or republocracy---I hate that Political Correctness aka Lies, but I want to keep it fair. 

Pedro gained his leadership skills while attending high school in the farm country of Southern Idaho. 

In so doing, he demonstrated his creative skills and his patience. 

In real life, he's a twin, just like the astronauts.  So, if he doesn't show up for work, his brother can fill in.  

BTW:  It's okay that Pedro is fictional because the way I see it some of our candidates are downright unbelievable, and I'm hoping what comes out of their mouths is fictional aka delusional.   

My candidate is Mexican and Salvadoran and, therefore, he probably won't build a wall. 

All that said, he's definitely my candidate.  Napoleon seconds the motion.  And, that's not Napoleon, the pig, or Napoleon, the Emperor; that's Napoleon of Idaho, a dynamite kinda guy!

Below are some of Pedro's supporters who will be glad to affirm all his wonderful qualities. 

Napoleon Dynamite promo.png
Illustration, courtesy of

Let's start a movement.  

Let's make Idaho proud again!

Let's vote for Pedro for President!!


Thanks to one of my illustrious and brilliant former students who's involved in the space industry, I have found the following endorsement by the Idaho State Legislature for Pedro and his friends:  

April 2005, the Idaho Legislature approved a resolution commending the filmmakers for producing Napoleon Dynamite, specifically enumerating the benefits the movie has brought to Idaho, as well as for showcasing various aspects of Idaho's culture and economy.

If Pedro and his band of visonaries could do this for Idaho, think of what they could do for the United States of America!!!


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