Thursday, March 31, 2016

Treasured Moments

A priceless extended family moment in our home at the end of a busy day for everyone.
My sisters Barbara, Laurie and my son Willie had finished their teaching day, while my daughter-in-law Debbie went about her duties at the local Food Bank.  My hubby Bill spent his day watching the dogs and the Lovestead while I took my cousin Mari from Chicago and her daughter Signe sight seeing.  Finally, Mari's husband Bruce and son Galen skied at Schweitzer.

Then, we all came together at the Lovestead for a brief, spontaneous concert of Irish music, etc., followed by dinner and visiting.  As I type, the Cooper family members are well on their way back to Chicago on the Amtrak, probably enjoying the beauty of Glacier Park.

I cherish every moment from this week's visit with my cousin Mari and her talented and wonderful family. In addition to all the fun activities show casing our general community and individual interests, we talked often and with much admiration of those family members who came before us and, in many cases, molded us.

In retrospect, it is truly exciting to look ahead toward more such gatherings where the sense of who we are, from whence we came and what we can share in common continues to be reinforced and appreciated.   

Bruce provided several beautiful Irish notes with his recorder. 

Foster got to play top dog, enjoying a tummy rub, during the musical and dining activities. 

Bill, the harmonica player, joined in on the family concert with "Shenandoah" and "Ode to Joy." 

Talkin' the horse life at Tibbs Arabians. 

Dusty, Barbara's trail horse, came out of his stall to meet the Chicagoans. 

The Short-Cooper family members are all musically talented.  Galen plays base in his stringed instrument class back home, but he used his dad's recorder to play a few notes from a Lord of the Rings piece. 

Mari and Signe at one of our favorite spots above Hope Cemetery, overlooking the main channel of Lake Pend Oreille. This was our last scenic-view stop before enjoying the great sandwiches at Clark Fork's Pantry. 

Mari tuned Laurie's guitar and, along with her family, played for her dinner!  

It had been a long time since we'd heard music from our dad Harold's squeeze box.  Multi-talented Bruce, who's also a ski instructor, wood craftsman, film maker and Waldorf teacher, punched out some notes, including much appreciated Irish music. 

Pachey was a popular horse among the host horses at my sisters' Tibbs Arabians, but he received his reward for being nice with some soothing grooming. 

Learning about Glacial Lake Missoula. 

While Signe and Mari were beholding the breath-taking beauty of Lake Pend Oreille along its shoreline, Bruce and Galen were doing the same from the ski slopes of Schweitzer Mountain Resort (hidden from view behind the trees. 

A poignant visit to the graves of Harold and Virginia Tibbs. My mother's family heritage provided the integral link to this wonderful visit.  She had to be pleased about all that happened yesterday. 

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