Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bloomin' Time

Just another gorgeous day ahead in our North Idaho paradise where spring is shouting out all over the place.  

It was truly amazing yesterday to make several uneventful passes by the plum tree next to the barnyard several times during the morning and then do a double take in the afternoon when suddenly the tree was ablaze with white blossoms.  

I keep thinking to myself that if they were there in the morning, surely I would have noticed. 

Plum blossoms on April 9 in North Idaho----hard to believe and a little concerning.  I hope we don't have any harsh freezes still to come. 

Of course, I picked enough plums from that tree last year to last for the next five. 

We hung around home most of the day, waiting for potential buyers to come and look at the motor home.  

In one case, the gentleman called, telling us an overnight bug would be keeping him home and could he please come today?  That was very considerate, unlike the other party who set the time for when she would be coming, then never showed.  

Later, almost two hours past her scheduled arrival, when I called and asked if she was coming to see the motor home, she later sent a note, telling me "her husband had other plans . . . . Sorry."

A notification of change of plans would have been nice. 

What has happened to simple courtesy and consideration for others? Seems to be missing more often than not these days.

Anyway, we did accomplish a few tasks during our waiting time.  Bill brought materials and started on the new garden fence, while I groomed and clipped horses.

I have noticed that Mr. Lefty's long, long feet are in great need of some trimming, especially since ski season ended yesterday, and we're figuring and hoping he won't be sliding around on any more snow down here on the flat.

In other news, I have included a new link on this blog.  If you'll notice on the right, you'll see an adventure girl Annie link.  

Our adventuresome daughter has started a blog which will run from the preliminaries to the actual walking of her Camino de Santiago walk in Spain, which starts late next month.

Annie is taking Spanish lessons and conditioning herself to complete X number of miles each day during the month-plus walk from France to Spain's western coastline.  I'll let you read her first blog entry to learn the details and encourage you to bookmark it if you wish to follow her journey in May and June.   

To learn more, you can clink this link:

Guess that's all for now.  Unusually gorgeous, summerlike days in spring have a way of luring one away from the computer more quickly than usual. 

Happy Sunday. 

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