Saturday, April 09, 2016

Saturday Slight

These pups were "out standing" in their field of fast-growing green grass yesterday.  We have gone to training Plan B with Mr. Liam after two incidents clearly showing that he's not quite ready to be completely off leash yet.

In both cases, his little big brother Foster initiated the situation----one with people walking past our home with their dog; the other when deer dared to pass through our pasture.  

Dogs ran and barked and played deaf.  We don't like having deaf muts when their safety is at stake, so we're once again working diligently with treats on that basic "Come" with both Foster and Liam.  

Liam once again gets very little time off leash, 'cept for in the hay field where the three of them romp and play with their toys and tussle with each other.

The dogs are so beautiful in the backdrop of their play field, especially this time of the year. 

Yesterday, among the many things accomplished, I harrowed a portion of the hay field, another pasture and the barnyard.  No longer do Lily and Lefty have to stand in the mud, wishing they were out there in those pastures eating that green grass. 

The grass will be given a chance to grow a while more as the ground surface firms up.  For now, the round pen seems to provide enough treat for them.  In yesterday's case, I bathed Lily before she went to the round pen.  

Hard to believe bathing horses outside in April, but conditions were perfect, and I didn't mind rolling up my jeans, wearing my Crocs and standing in the water while giving Lily a good scrubbing.  She didn't seem to mind either. 

In addition to a clean horse and harrowed fields, another section of fence has a new coat of paint, another section of lawn has seen its first mowing and one of the eight planters is loaded with dirt and ready for some seeds. 

To say yesterday was productive is an understatement.  It's nice to have days where multiple projects are completed smoothly.  

Today we'll be hanging out here for the afternoon as potential buyers for the motor home come by to check it out.  We're hoping someone will find it to be the perfect fit and take it on to its next adventure. 

All in all, we've been blessed this week with absolutely gorgeous weather where virtually every scene up, down and around provides both exhilaration and appreciation. 

When that happens around here for several days in a row, the feeling of accomplishment is supreme.  Thank you, Mother Nature. 

Happy Saturday. 

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