Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Drone Learning Curves with Captain Bill

On Sunday at the London airport, a drone caused some jitters with a jetliner and the aviation industry.

This morning I'm happy to report that the drone flying around the Lovestead front yard last evening caused no damage or worries.  

Of course, if the herding dogs had been loose during Bill's second session of self-guided flight training, there could have been disaster----more than likely for the drone. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, Bill's drone is a birthday present from Annie.  During his first self-guided flight training session a few weeks ago, the drone got off the ground a couple of times for about three-five minutes.  

Then, something went awry and the flying machine remained on the ground until Bill picked it up and brought it inside.

Well, last night Bill decided that weak batteries----gee, they go down fast----must have caused the initial problem, not mechanical difficulties. 

With a set of new batteries inside his flying machine, Bill took the drone to the front lawn and practiced a few take-offs and landings (some of the crash nature).  

In about five minutes, the drone lost its desire to fly.  Must have been that set of batteries. He does have a charger. 

This morning, after reading the article about the errant drone at London Airport, I'm feeling pretty secure about the air space above the Lovestead.  For the time being, it seems pretty safe, thanks to those fast draining batteries. 

Of course, if they invent a better longer lasting drone battery, there could be trouble.  

For now, as Bill continues to drone on with his new toy,  I think the cows, turkeys, deer and all other flying critters out here in the country can go about their business without worrying about weird alien-like objects soaring up, down, around, upside down and crashing on cow pies or crows' nests. 

Happy Tuesday. 

Hold on!


A soft landing:  Bill is getting better. 

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