Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Plain Country Purty . . . !

We had a late afternoon rainstorm yesterday. Twas intense but did not last long, and as it moved through, we enjoyed some phenomenal sidelights to the main act.  

Anyone who stepped outside during that time reaped some extra benefits from Mother Nature to add to those we've experienced throughout this delightful spring. 

Hard to find ugly much of any place ('cept maybe dandelions, and even I think they're pretty just like deer when putting the obnoxious factor aside).

During the storm, my camera lens got a little wet, but that just added to the fun.  

Some of the photos below represent places in the Selle Valley where I happened to be at different times over the weekend.  Others are simply lovely sights around the yard. 

Hope you enjoy. 


We've already enjoyed a few spears of fresh asparagus, and we won't even have to wash the next batch, which received a thorough bathing from yesterday's rain. 

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