Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

Just another stunning morning in Selle.  Tough life but someone's gotta enjoy it!

Another election day ahead.  Yippee!  How many of these have we endured since all those people decided to run for President?  How many more?

It's reached the stage where even the drama tidbits conjured up on a daily basis to keep the "news" cycle going all kinda run together. 

At least, Prince's untimely and mysterious death gave some of it a rest.  Now, I'm wondering when they're going to let Prince rest and get back to 100 percent Presidential politics.  

After all, from watching the 24-hour news stations, we can be assured that there's no other news happening in the world. 

On the Prince topic, I'm one of those few, it seems, who did not really follow Prince closely enough to know much about his music.  Since learning more about him after his death, I feel a sense of regret.  

From what I've read and heard in the past several days, this artist was truly a good guy, not only in talent but in heart, courage and generosity.  

I wish now I would have taken out time to appreciate him while he was alive, and I can easily see why so many of his fans were deeply affected by his sudden loss. 

Now, back to the "news." I watched CNN a couple of times last night for brief interludes and wondered if I had missed something.  

Wasn't there supposed to be a new version of "the Donald" showing up at all those rallies-----a kinder, gentler, "more Presidential" persona.  

Maybe I should have watched longer because I did not see any of the above.  I saw a person gleefully making fun of how another candidate (a pretty decent one, in fact) eats his food on the campaign trail and I heard what seemed to be a whole lot more name calling than usual.

Flip back to the endless Prince coverage, please!  

It's now evident that he offered his fans and his community much, much more than some of our folks running for the highest office in the land seem to be doing. 

Since Prince seemed to have gone off the docket for the primetime Cable coverage, I kept switching back to the Mariners-Astros game, where the Seattle sluggers were hitting baseballs out of the park. 

That was a bit more satisfying, especially because Seattle is looking like a stronger contender this year, leading their division after last night's win. 

That has been said before many times, but it's still April, and maybe this year their season will last well into the Presidential election season. 

If the Mariners continue to do well, maybe we can be spared of what's to come in the election season. 

On another front, my front lawn looks so much better, thanks to the new Sears Craftsman riding mower that arrived yesterday morning.  It took 15 minutes to remow the area that took me almost three hours with the $50 lawnmower the other day. 

My mood about Lovestead yard work has improved considerably.  When I told Bill the other day that Duane Ward keeps six lawnmowers for his summer mowing business, Bill said, based on that news, his goal is for the Love's to have three.

Lawnmowers have always played a bittersweet role in my life, so much so that I wrote a story in my second book called "Lawnmowers R Us."  Seems like some stuff never changes because that was written 20 years ago. 

Well, the birds are singing and the fog is rising.  Another interesting day awaits.  So, happy Tuesday.  If you get tired of watching today's election regurgitation ad nauseum, tune in to the Mariners on Channel 687.  

It's a lot more fun.  Happy Tuesday. 

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