Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Slightly Knightly

Now, that definitely looks like a band aide on Bobby Knight's nose, and the photo was taken just a day or so after Bobby endorsed The Donald for President.  

Nonetheless, my son Willie assured me no politics was discussed nor chairs flung when he met the legendary and colorful NCAA coach yesterday afternoon.

This photo popped up on my cell phone around 4 p.m. I showed it to Bill, and we both agreed that it looked real.

"What's Bobby Knight doing in Sandpoint?"

That was the next question on my mind.

"Is Duane gonna mow lawns for him at his new home?  

That was the question on Bill's mind.

A couple of interrogating texts later, and I learned that Bobby Knight was NOT in Sandpoint. Instead, we learned that both Bobby and Duane and Willie were in Las Vegas at a coaches' clinic. 

So, no SHS girls varsity coach Duane Ward will not be mowing Coach Knight's lawn.  And, no, we did not learn why Bobby Knight was wearing a band aide on his nose so soon after endorsing Donald Trump. 

Yes, SHS girls assistant coach Willie felt like he was flanked by two legends at that very moment.  

Has Bobby Knight coached as long as Duane Ward?


Yes, both have made their marks in their own ways, affecting hundreds of young athletes' lives, and I'm kinda thinking Duane has probably done so with much more restraint but with no less enthusiasm.

Twas a great day for our son who has to be in Heaven this weekend, walking among the great names in college basketball AND learning from them, including North Carolina coach Roy Williams. 

Willie sez there's a possibility he may have another photo taken with ZAGS coach Mark Few cuz he's at the clinic too. 

Anyway, once we learned that our son had taken off for Las Vegas for the weekend, we were really glad to learn that not ALL of what happens in Vegas, stays there. 

Mom and Pop got to enjoy the thrills albeit via text photos.  

Now for the mundane.  I do know that photos of spring around Selle could be getting a little redundant, but this year's edition has been a dandy. 

And, on this Saturday morning, I'm much happier about the looks of my lawn than I was last Saturday morning. 

It's been a busy week with eye surgery, new lawnmowers, horse hauling, etc.  Happily, it has all turned out well.

Tony came and fixed my zero-turn mower yesterday, and I wasted no time sprucing up the front lawn, which I had mowed earlier this week with the brand new Sears model. 

Life is good when two riding mowers are running and cutting, so no complaints here. 

I do have to wait a few days before tackling the garden again.  Seems that laser zaps are like welds, so while they become fully effective, one has to take it easy.  

No bumper cars at the carnival, no racket ball matches, no standing on my head, and probably no galloping across a field on my horse and happily no weeding. 

So, the weeds will get to hang around until the week of full recovery takes place.  The doctors gave me the green light on the riding lawnmowers, as long as I don't try to race with my next-door neighbor, whom I've heard now has a zero turn model of her own. 

I saw on Facebook that Moose Valley Farms at Naples is having their annual customer Appreciation Day today. That means free homemade ice cream and a whole lot of other fun stuff. 

So, that may be a way of taking it easy and conjuring up some good ol' garden dreams.  

Looking like a good day ahead, especially with a newly mown lawn. Just like with Willie, the lifelong basketball fanatic, for this ol' lawn and garden girl just off from successful eye repair, life doesn't get much better than this!

Happy Saturday. 

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