Sunday, May 01, 2016

Customers Appreciating Moose Valley Farms

Yes, Moose Valley Farms is a business, but with my friend Mary Lambert Kimball and her family at the helm, it's much more than that.

Moose Valley is kinda out in the middle of nowhere.  It's located alongside HWY 95 between Elmira and Naples, both little hamlets along the route from Sandpoint to Bonners Ferry.

It's a nursery where one can buy shrubs, ornamental trees, flowers aplenty and veggie starts. Along with those items come accessories like funky yard art, beautiful pots, planters, potting mix, etc.

Inside, there's a gift shop with a nice variety AND a good supply of dog food.

For 13 years, the business has sponsored a Customer Appreciation Day with a carnival atmosphere.  

Besides the popular, fresh homemade ice cream, hotdogs and cake, a balloon man keeps kids enthralled as he turns balloons into figures and gives each away.  Vendors accentuate the main offerings with their crafts.

The bloodmobile shows up as do staff from the local fire district.  Heck, you can even get garden advice for 5 cents.

I learned yesterday from my friend Joanne that when she first came to Customer Appreciation Day, maybe 20 others showed.  

Well, the word got out over the years, and when I arrived yesterday, the parking lot was overloaded, so I had to park on a dusty side road.

That was okay, though, because I didn't mind walking a ways to take in all the downhome action at this year's bigger-than-ever event.

Besides the ice cream and oodles of colorful people scenes, I did more than my share of visiting, and actually came home empty-handed but with a mind and camera full of wonderful images.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Bonners Ferry horse trainer Marv Legerway who has come back home for a while from several months in Dublin, Ireland, where his wife Tish has taken a job with the Port of Dublin.

During our visit, Tish called, so I had to opportunity to say hello to her.

As a low-grade multi-tasker, I figured it was best to make a trip back on a quieter day for making purchases.

As always, the experience at Moose Valley made my day and provided a nice exit to April.

The calendar has turned over and now we can bring on more and more of the May flowers.

Happy May Day.  Enjoy the photos!

These two ladies would be my sisters, Laurie (front) and Barbara (behind). 

My friend Myra from Clark Fork identified this lovely lady as "my friend Arlene Erickson who is 89 years young today."
Happy Birthday, Arlene!!!

Sharon Gould, calligrapher, showing off a sample of her work. 

Hey, Annie Love:  Tom sez hi!  He's wondering if you're going to look up Sergio Garcia when you go to Spain!

Thanks, Mary, old friend and classmate! You, your family and all your loyal team do a fabulous job not only with your Customer Appreciation Day but also with your entire enterprise.

Twas definitely another fun experience at Moose Valley yesterday.

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