Saturday, April 02, 2016

Twin Day of Celebration

Twas near the end of our stay in Dublin two years ago----Annie had her geocaching event, so Bill, Margaret and I dined at Bruxelles Restaurant and Pub.  We had a wonderful waiter who was also a writer. 

This was just a few days after my hubby and his twin sister had started their birthday in Killarney and topped it off with a fine dinner in Galway.  

Good memories of good people and a wonderful family trip. 

Two years later, Bill and Margaret are in their respective territories, celebrating.  For Bill, a beautiful day looms ahead. He's already had fun yesterday with the drone Annie sent him for his birthday.

We'll, no doubt, learn during the day what Margaret's plans are down in California where she lives. 

For now, it's just a simple Happy Birthday to the Love siblings from Luzianna.  Hope you both have the best of days and many fabulous days ahead. 

It's also my mare Lily's birthday, so I'll give her an extra nibble of grain this morning.  

Lots of birthdays of friends and horses today.  Lots of sunshine ahead.  

Happy Birthday to all, and Happy Saturday. 

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