Saturday, May 14, 2016

Above-Average Children, Strong Women, Etc.

I didn't exactly plan to lead off with the "Prairie Home Companion" segment, but the video had different ideas.  So, I hope you took time to watch and enjoy.

Bill and I will be seeing a similar set-up this afternoon when Garrison Keillor comes to Spokane, on the extended wrap-up tour of his long run with "Prairie Home Companion."  

Heck, he's been at it off and on as long as Bill and I have been married.  

That's a long time to be entertaining folks on National Public Radio, so I guess he deserves to retire like the rest of us.

One of the highlights of the show, which many of us from the Sandpoint area proudly remember,  occurred in 1999 when Dover violinist Jason Moody  won the national talent contest for musicians from towns under 2000.  

For those unfamiliar with the geography of our area, Dover is two miles west of Sandpoint.  

We're looking forward to enjoying the visuals of what goes on during all those programs which we've been hearing for decades, often while driving the back roads of North Idaho. If it's Saturday afternoon and after 3 p.m., one of us usually remembers to tune in on the car radio.

This weekend is also Annie's last visit home before her big adventure.  Yes, she is taking her flipflops, but, no, she may not be wearing them during all of her 500-mile walk.  She also has some hiking shoes, purchased specifically for the walk. 

Today, she and her cousin Laura will be doing some training on a hike down in the Coeur d'Alene area. 

My other photos below are simply a blend of the morning around the Lovestead thus far. The morning stare down at the barnyard fence is a staple for me as I walk to the barn. Kiwi starts her day early every single morning, and every single morning Lily puts her ears back with the usual fake threats aimed toward Kiwi.

This morning's walk included a stop at the garden to check out the plants which are now quite visible in my new planters.  We'll be chomping on radishes next week, maybe even in a salad featuring garden-grown lettuce.

I still have planting to do but am waiting for the fairly sure sign that the last frost is past. 

At the barn, you'll see Liam in his usual setting for morning feeding.  He simply waits and watches whatever action is going on.  I'm quite pleased with his leash progress, especially because he'll probably be on leash for quite some time. 

This week I discovered that I could attach the leash to my belt, allowing my hands to be free and Liam to accompany me as I do my morning watering around the place.  He's very patient, always sitting and waiting and trying to avoid the hose at every stop.  

Liam may not be a water-loving collie like all the others we've had, and that's okay because he already has an obsession which keeps him and the rest of us very busy inside the house.

Yup, I've hurled that Chuckit ball across the living room at least 500 times this week, and I'm thinking maybe Fitbit ought to have an option that gives credit for such activity. 

Liam is pretty persistent, even nudging the ball further into my lap and lunging at the newspaper if I don't stop reading and throw the ball within a reasonable amount of time. In Liam's mind, a reasonable amount of time is at least every ten seconds.  

Makes it kinda hard to focus on the news when a dog out-focuses me.   Of course, with the news these days, that's probably a good thing. 

Guess that's enough for this spring morning from Selle Valley where the horses frown, the dogs play ball, humans are on the run and the gardens are lookin' pretty good.

Happy Saturday.  

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