Friday, May 13, 2016

Come All Ye to the Forest . . . .

From the Idaho State Forestry Contest Manual:

Welcome to the Idaho State Forestry Contest!  The inaugural Idaho State Forestry Contest was held in May 1983 at Delay Farms near Careywood, Idaho.  There was no question that the contest would become an annual event, based on its initial success.

The contest was jointely sponsored by the Idaho Department of Lands, the Bonner County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Panhandle Lakes Resource Conservation and Development (Project 166001988003).

Since then, the Idaho Panhandle National Forest (US Forest Service) has also become a sponsor.  The contest is intended to encourage young people to learn about Idaho’s vast forest resource. 

Yesterday's event was no exception to all its predecessors over the years. 

Dozens of volunteers and workers from different agencies once again collaborated to in an effort resulting in learning, competition, friendship, a great lunch and, most importantly, a phenomenal day with perfect weather, wandering through gorgeous species of trees at Delay Farms. 

~~~Yesterday's outdoor experience truly embodied Wordsworth's summoning.~~~ 

Bill and Karen Robinson, who have worked on the event for years. 

Yesterday was my niece Laura's  and Idaho Project Learning Tree coordinator Michelle Youngquist's first experience.  The two teamed up to work with group leaders. 

Archie, on the left, accompanied my sister's class from Farmin-Stidwell. 

Vern Spencer, Jr.:  one very, very nice person and father of some award winners. 

Enthusiastic teaching unparalleled is how I would describe Doug Toland, who volunteers his time and vast knowledge of trees at the contest. 

Doug and my sister Laurie. 

I did not know names for all the volunteers, but I do know Pam Aunan, who has spent her share of summers in area lookouts. 

Complimentary prizes for rookie competitors. 

This year's honorary contest chair, Elton Turcotte, a logging scaler and  a popular teacher who shares history and the tools of his trade at the event. 

Forester Kirk David was there leading some troops. 

This young lady came well-prepared for the event.  

Educators Brian Powell from Clark Fork High School and Melissa Peck from Selle Valley Carden School, shared some thoughts about experiential education.  

Selle Valley Carden School students and staff getting signed up. 

Elton quizzing students on the tool. Anyone?  Anyone?

Archie explains the history of log scaling methods. 

Bill led a group and did some teaching. 

Lloyd and Alice Wallace. 

A contest veteran, Al Farnsworth from Bonners Ferry. 

Delay Farms was alive with some serious thinking and ciphering throughout the morning. 

And, there was time for carefree fun in the beautiful setting, south of Sandpoint. 

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